Ian Rolfe: Travel Photographer

Queenstown Panorama

© Ian Rolfe

Ian Rolfe was our guest speaker at Camera Club tonight, members were inthralled by his beautiful landscape / travel photography.

A veteran of the magazine travel journalist, Ian now runs photography tours and workshops all over the world, as well as still fitting in the occasional magazine piece.

Many of our members have attended his workshops and always report back favourable experiences.

Photography is a world of opinion and contrary to what I was taught Ian believes you should shoot to the left of the needle, under exposing by about â…” of a stop, sometimes two whole stops. But he also says he brackets a lot of his shots and blends them on photoshop, so he's getting his dynamic range from multiple images. The proof, as he said, is in the pictures and Ian's were amazing.

Ian's panoramic images are always shot as a series of portrait oriented images, as wide as 6mm, bracketed and blended before being stitched together.

There was a wealth of knowledge in the meeting, I'm sure everyone took something away they can apply to their work, at the very least inspiration was sparked.

You can find out more about Ian, his workshops and tours on his site: ianrolfephotography.net


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