Malmsbury Outing

23rd July, 2022 – 10:30 am to 3:30 pm
Photo Shoot

Enjoy a day in Malmsbury and its surrounds, an hour's drive from our club rooms. We'll start at the Cascades before heading to the Holden Car Museum, and then rounding our day out in Malmsbury common with some lunch and a walk through the botanic garden and a viewing of the historic viaduct.

10.30am–12pm  Meet at  The Cascades, Cascades Road, Metcalfe.  There is only a small car park and there is a resident's gate in the car park, so please do not park in front of it. There is a "no entry-private land" sign on the gate. Part of the access road to the car park is unsealed but is suitable for all 2WD vehicles. Access down to the falls is via a moderate staircase and track then some rocks (not too many) down to the cascades.  People with limited mobility may have difficulty.  (Note: Neil, Kathryn and Gayle all managed with the use of their tripods). There is plenty of room to socially distance. There are picnic tables near the car park, so if you don't want to go down the track, there are plenty of birds to photograph.  Also, make sure you wear appropriate footwear, with good tread as the rocks are slippery in parts. Polarising filters or ND filters are recommended for shots of the cascades but not essential.  

Please note that there are no toilets at this location - the nearest toilets located at the Metcalfe Recreation Reserve. Please take your rubbish home.

12.15pm  Arrive at the Metcalfe Holden Museum, just a short drive back to Metcalfe. There are about 10 cars out the front to photograph, but for the car enthusiasts, you can pay $10.00 to enter the actual museum. We spoke to the lady and she showed us around. If you are not interested in the Car Museum you go straight to Malmsbury - only roughly 11 kilometres away.

1–2pm  Lunch in Malmsbury.

There is the Malmsbury Bakery ( the best meat pies and sausage roles ever -jt).  The General Store does burgers and pies, sandwiches and general take away. The pub has good reviews. These are all within a few metres of each other. The Stables is another option - opposite the Botanical Gardens and historic viaduct. Please note that the Bakery closes at 2.00 for sit down meals and 3.00 for takeaway.

2–3.30pm  Photographing the Botanical Gardens and historic viaduct (all in the map above). Wrap up the day. If people want to stay on, they can.

For those interested, Panorama practicals can be done at The Cascades, Metcalfe Holden Museum of the rusted cars outside and the Viaduct at Malmsbury. Also, if anyone is attending and who is still on Auto, we will run a 30 minute session from 10.00, if you are interested.

Competition for those attending

We have also decided to run a little competition to add interest to the day.  Submit one entry per member - theme is "textures and patterns".  

The prize will be a $30.00 JB-HiFi voucher - best for both A and B Members.


Judging: Judging: Monochrome & Open

Judging of our first competition of the year: Monochrome & Open

Supper night, bring along a plate to share

Entries due for competition 2: "Curves" & Open

Walker Close Community Centre
28th March 2023 7:30 pm
Workshop: Image Evaluation

Members are encouraged to submit and bring along images for a group project in Image Evaluation.  In groups we will discuss the images presented and "evaluate" them providing constructing feedback. 

The aim of these evenings is to encourage reflection on our own images and to stimulate conversation about our work beyond "that looks nice" expanding on how the image makes us feel, what the maker might do to add to the image's appeal and better their and our own work.

Walker Close Community Centre
11th April 2023 7:30 pm

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