On occasion the Committee will create a subcommittee tasked with carrying out certain duties or planning for the club. The use of Subcommittees allow us "share the load" and create specialised groups of people.

The subcommittees are all created by the committee. Inclusion of members to the subcommittee are at the discretion of the subcommittee convener with consultation of the Committee. All subcommittees report their activities to the Committee.

Competitions Subcommittee

One continuing subcommittee is our Competitions Subcommittee. The Competitions Subcommittee members are tasked with:

  • evaluating new members for placement in either Grade A or B for the purpose of club competitions, 
  • end of year evaluation for the purpose of regrading members based on images presented to competitions throughout the year, and 
  • the selection of club entries into Interclub competitions.

Currently our Competitions Subcommittee members are: Tania Chalmers, Brett Ferguson, and Cathy Buchanan.

Weekend Away Subcommittees

When identified, members with local knowledge of our intended destinations are often recruited for our Weekend Away Subcommittees. Along with other members and members of the club's main committee, these subcommittees put in all the hard work to ensure our weekends away are well planned and executed. Often this includes reconnaissance of the destination, communicating with local guides/photographers, camera clubs, businesses, and points of interest; all to find the best photographic opportunities and experiences for the members and their guests who attend these weekends.

The efforts of the Weekend Away Subcommittees can not be understated. A lot goes into creating the itinerary, the committee is grateful to these volunteers.

Regular members of our Weekend Away Subcommittees include: Gayle Tout, Margaret Turner, Françoise Muller-Robbie, Catherine Stevenson. With many other unsung members.

Workshops and Interest Group Subcommittee 

Brain-storming sessions and member surveys are used regularly to canvass what members would like in relation to skill development workshops and associated interest groups. This sub-committee has responsibility for: 

  • Identifying workshop topics and interest groups that are of most interest to members.
  • In conjunction with the Committee, selecting workshops to be delivered in the next calendar year.
  • Identifying suitable presenters for selected workshops.
  • Assisting with the development and delivery of workshops.
  • Sourcing suitable reference materials
  • Assisting with the development of relevant handouts
  • Identifying members who would be willing to act as coordinators for interest groups related to workshop topics
  • Setting up interest groups in conjunction with coordinators,
  • Providing ongoing support to individual interest group coordinators. 

Members of our Workshop and Interest Group Subcommittee include: Larry Rigoni, Robert Cahill, Michael Costa, Joseph Meilak and Ian Gofton.

Put your hand up...

If you feel you can support our club by being a member of a subcommittee reach out and let us know. Approach a committee member at a meeting, or email


Photo Shoot: Cancelled: Mornington Peninsular Shoot

Due to unfavourable forecast for this weekend we’ve decided to postpone this event.

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Mornington Peninsular
20th July 2024 1:00 pm
Judging: AGM and Judging: Red and Open

As usual we will quickly dispense with the business of our Annual General Meeting and get into the judging of our 4th competition of the year: Red and Open.

Walker Close Community Centre
23rd July 2024 7:30 pm

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