Calendar – 2017

Feb 5th

Matt Cutting

Cathy is hosting a small workshop at her house for those who want to learn more about matting and mounting your images for competition. This is on a Sunday. Please let Cathy know if you're likely to attend or want more information, email

Location: Cathy's House
Feb 14th

BBQ & House Warming

We're having a BBQ to kick off the new year in our new home. Club will provide sausages, bread and sauce, with a vegetarian option available. Water and soft drink will also be available.

Our meeting will include a rundown of the year ahead and a getting to know you session.

Entries due for our first competition: Unloved, Open and Novice

Feb 26th
Photo Shoot

Brighton Bathing Boxes at Sunset

Rescheduled from the 19th

Meet at the car park by 6pm, the nearest intersection is Dendy Street and the Esplanade, Brighton. The car park is on the small side so car pooling is recommended, as the weather is going to be nice there may be a lot of competition for the spaces. Also note, there is a parking fee to be paid, bring along your coins to feed the metre.

If you have them, bring along your filters, ND, Polarising, Graduated, etc to try them out on the scenes. And also note that the boxes aren't the only thing to shoot on the day. Consider photographing the other visitors, the city skyline, fine details, etc.

Feb 28th


Guest speaker Yana Martens will let us know about posing and interacting with your subject. 

If time permits we'll also do some Lightroom editing.

Entries due for the VAPS Interclub competition.

Mar 14th

Judging: Unloved

Our guest judge will provide feedback and awards for our first competition of the year: Unloved

Supper night: Bring along a plate to share at break time.

Mar 26th
Photo Shoot

Docklands Sunrise

Exact location to be advised, but we'll be in the docklands region for a sunny sunrise.

Location: Docklands Melbourne
Mar 28th

Posing workshop

One of the hardest, but most essential parts, of making good people photos is interacting with your model. We'll be putting the ideas Yana Martens told us about into practise with a practical workshop all around posing your subject.

Bring along your camera and tripod to this meeting to capture your results.

Entries due for our second competition: Patterns, Open and Novice

Apr 7th
Weekend Away

Portland Weekend Away

Our first weekend of the year takes us to Portland.

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Apr 11th

Photo Book Presentation

Ian Bock will join us and talk about creating a compelling photo book.

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Apr 25th

Judging: Patterns

Our guest judge will provide feedback and awards for our second competition of the year: Patterns

Supper night: Bring along a plate to share at break time.

May 7th
Photo Shoot

Winery and Waterfall

First stop is the lovely Paramoor Winery to capture the goings on there, members will then congregate for a delicious lunch of pizza before we check out the cellar door.

Next we'll head to Turpins Falls to capture the splendour of the cascading waters (hopefully it is flowing nicely). Bring your tripod and ND filters!

Then on to Malmsbury and their Botanic Gardens.

Please note: The walk down to Turpins Falls would be considered a moderate walk, with a relatively steep decline, and therefore a relatively steep incline coming back up.

May 9th

Working with Mixed Lighting

In this workshop we're going to be looking at balancing light.

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May 23rd

Hidden Melbourne with Barney Meyer

Guest presenter, Barney Meyer, will regale us with stories of the parts of Melbourne we don't often get to see. Behind the scenes, derelict buildings, and so much more. Barney also makes fantastic virtual tours. Check out his work on his site Hidden Melbourne.

Entries due for the Knox Interclub monochrome competition.

May 27th
VAPS Event

VAPS Convention

Details to be advised when we know more

Location: Frankston
Jun 10th
Photo Shoot

Flipping Disc Dogs

The Esplanade (cnr Cole st) Williamstown. $10.

Jun 13th

Judging: Abstract

Our guest judge will provide feedback and awards for our third competition of the year: Abstract

Supper night: Bring along a plate to share at break time.

Jun 26th

Judging: Camberwell Interclub

Come and see how our images fair.

Location: St John's Anglican Church, Rutherford Room, 552 Burke Road, Camberwell
Jun 27th

Paper Bag Challenge

The now annual Paper Bag Challenge is on again... building on the success of 2016 the members will be split into groups to take on the task of making great photos from items that will only be revealed on the night.

Last year we found saw great ingenuity in play as members came up with creative uses for the fruits they were given to work with. What will 2017's Paper Bag Challenge produce?

Practical night: bring along your camera, flash(es), reflectors, tripods and great imaginations.

Entries due for our fourth competition: Environmental Portraits, Open and Novice

Jul 11th

The Exposure Triangle and other basics

We've all been taking photos for years; but do we do it by feel, fluke or fiddling rather than technical know-how?

Part presentation, part practical, we'll be taking a step back and looking at the basics of photography. Getting to know the way our cameras think will help us make more keepers.

Bring along your camera gear, including your manual, and we'll get some learning done.

Jul 25th

Judging: Environmental Portraits (oh and our AGM)

This meeting will kick off with our AGM, a most important part of the life of our club, we usually get it out of the way in about 5 minutes before moving on.

Our guest judge will provide feedback and awards for our fourth competition of the year: Environmental Portraits

Supper night: Bring along a plate to share at break time.

Jul 26th

Judging: Knox Monochrome Interclub

Knox will present the awards for the interclub completion they host each year.

Aug 8th

We're-a-getting hitched!

Entries due for our fifth competition: Silhouettes, Open and Novice

As one with a fancy in photography, we often find our friends try and rope us in to capturing their big days, and some of us are crazy enough to say "I do", I mean, "I will". There's no bigger day than a wedding.

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Aug 19th
Photo Shoot


Colac is about a 1½ hr's drive from Williamstown. It's a bit of a hike, but we're making a day of it.

Massive thanks to Margaret for putting this together for us. Margaret and Graeme made a pilgrimage, a reconnaissance trip to Colac a few weeks ago to get us sorted with regard the itinerary.

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Location: Colac
Aug 22nd

Presentation: Photo Journalism

Wolf Marx will be letting us know more about the exciting world of Photo Journalism. A times confronting, photo journalism is, in theory, the last remaining bastion of pure photography as there are very strict rules about how an image can and cannot be edited to classify as photo journalism.

Sep 9th
Photo Shoot

Melbourne City Photo Walk

Neil Anderson will be leading a walk around Melbourne City, venturing along the Yarra and taking in some of the laneways. 

Meet at the Federation Square Melbourne Visitor Centre. 

Anticipated itinerary follows.

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Sep 12th

Judging: Silhouettes

Our guest judge will provide feedback and awards for our fifth competition of the year: Silhouettes

Supper night: Bring along a plate to share at break time.

Sep 26th

Macro Workshop

Let's take a look at things nice and close. We'll set up some stations where we can explore the world of the small.

There'll also be a look at focus stacking and other editing tools to bring our macro images into the world.

A practical night, bring along your camera, tripod, macro lens and flash.

Entries due for our sixth competition: Umbrellas, Open and Novice

Oct 10th

Monochrome Workshop

A look at monochrome imagery and how to obtain a good tonal range in your monochrome imagery. Vital information for those who will be entering the Knox Interclub competition in 2018.

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Oct 13th
Weekend Away


A visit to the goldfields region of Victoria. Nola and the team have put together a fantastic program. Download the program.

Location: Castlemaine
Oct 24th

Judging: Umbrellas

Our guest judge will provide feedback and awards for our sixth competition of the year: Umbrellas

Entries due for the end of year competition

Supper night: Bring along a plate to share at break time.

Nov 14th

Imaging with Microscopes

Oh my goodness... you thought macro was close up! You ain't seen nothing yet.

Our guest presenter, Simon Crawford, will introduce us to the micro world through a different lens. You'll be amazed by the things Simon will show us.

Nov 28th

Food, Glorious Food! Photography

We've seen the fancy photos in the magazines, so we'll be making some of our own.

Looking at styling and lighting for food photography to try and capture some of the magic. We'll also be looking at the tricks used by the professionals to "fake" the shot.

Dec 5th

Christmas Dinner

This year we are dining at “Peckish” at Kooringal Golf Club. Christine Dennis is co-ordinating numbers etc.  Don’t leave it too late to send an email off to Christine to let her know you intend to attend  - - and transfer funds ($40p/p) to the Club’s bank account as set out on the invite.  Special dietary requirements can be catered for.

Location: TBA
Dec 12th

End of Year Awards

Really an extension of our merriment from the Christmas Dinner, this the meeting where the coveted Print of the Year and Digital of the Year presentations are made. We'll also be awarding trophies to the first, second and third places for the aggregate point scores across the year. 

To ensure you're in play for one of these super-cool awards remember to enter our competitions throughout the year.

This is also a night we all bring along a plate of food to share as our final farewell to the 2017 at Williamstown Camera Club.


Photo Shoot: Cancelled: Mornington Peninsular Shoot

Due to unfavourable forecast for this weekend we’ve decided to postpone this event.

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Mornington Peninsular
20th July 2024 1:00 pm
Judging: AGM and Judging: Red and Open

As usual we will quickly dispense with the business of our Annual General Meeting and get into the judging of our 4th competition of the year: Red and Open.

Walker Close Community Centre
23rd July 2024 7:30 pm

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