Competition 3 - Blur-Panning and Open

1st - A Grade: Open Digital - Sadie the Kelpie © Wade Buchan

Competition results for our third competition of 2023 - Blur and Open. Our judge was Mario Mirable. As we no longer advise scores we will only be presenting the award winners. We do still receive scores from the judge so if you would like your score please contact Tania, our competition steward via and she will let you know.

For the purposes of this competition the set subject of "Blur/Panning" was defined as:

Blur: Intentional blur to convey movement.  Panning: Method of moving the camera in line with a moving subject such as a racing car. This produces a blurred background but keeps the subject relatively sharp, thereby giving a greater effect of movement in the final image. Panning across waves etc is also acceptable.

A Grade Set Subject - Blur/Panning

Place Title Maker
1st National Road Hill Climb Wade Buchan
2nd Moving Water Ian Street
3rd Zoom Zoom Kathryn Hocking
HC Hill Climber John Coppini
HC Seville Easter Procession Monique Whear

B Grade Set Subject - Blur/Panning

Place Title Maker
1st Flinders Trails Tracey Noonan
2nd Shaking Off the Water Ian Gofton
3rd Scooting Around Town Robyn Bartlett
HC Wet Night In Melbourne Gayle Tout
HC Keep Your Eyes on the Ball Michael Costa
HC Musician on the Move Joseph Meilak

A Grade Open

Place Title Maker
1st Sadie the Kelpie Wade Buchan
2nd Riomaggiore Monique Whear
3rd It's fun to stay at the YMCA Karen Malbon
HC Watching Neil Anderson
HC Macro Moth Kathryn Hocking

B Grade Open

Place Title Maker
1st A View from Above Michael Costa
2nd Nature at its best Darryl Martin
3rd Tangerine Dawn Robyn Bartlett
HC Mt Beauty Lake in Autumn Grace Sobania
HC Bourke Street Mall Tram Cathrin Plunkett
HC Drinking Ian Gofton
HC Lightning Rachelle Mack
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Photo Shoot: Cancelled: Mornington Peninsular Shoot

Due to unfavourable forecast for this weekend we’ve decided to postpone this event.

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Mornington Peninsular
20th July 2024 1:00 pm
Judging: AGM and Judging: Red and Open

As usual we will quickly dispense with the business of our Annual General Meeting and get into the judging of our 4th competition of the year: Red and Open.

Walker Close Community Centre
23rd July 2024 7:30 pm

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