Competition 5 - Series and Open

1st - B Grade: Set Digital - Sunflower © Gayle Tout

Competition results for our fifth competition of 2022 - Series and Open. Our judge was Paul Robinson. As is often the case Paul brought with him some excellent commentary and a bunch of resources for us to check out.

Paul's comments and feedback are available to financial members via our Closed Facebook Group and will soon be uploaded to our private YouTube Channel.

For the purposes of this competition the set subject of "Series" was defined as:

 A photographic series is a collection of images that are themed together and shown together. Your series should be telling the same story or continuing a same theme. Minimum of three images, collated into the one image for submission.

A Grade Set Digital - Series

Comp # Title Mark /15 Place
A020 I Feel Like Dancin' 11
A036 Snapper Rocks Surfers 12 3rd
A048 Equestrian 14 2nd
A087 A Day at the Museum 11
A168 Rainbows on the Lake 15 1st
A179 Finding the Lost Bunny 12 HC
A234 D Day 11
A253 Hunt-Dive-Catch 13 HC

B Grade Set Digital - Series

Comp # Title Mark /15 Place
B008 202 Olympian Stacy Hymer 11
B063 Progressive Dinner on the Masai Mara 10

B180 Cat Among the Leaves 10
B181 Sunflower 15 1st
B185 Wall Graffiti 10
B188 Road Photography in Blue 13 3rd
B195 Back to Basics 11
B207 Backyard Battle 12 HC
B211 Emotion 11
B220 Fashion 11
B221 Melbourne Sparking at Night 11
B223 St Patrick's Cathedral 11
B251 Why Not Me 14
B256 Pelican Altercation 10
B258 A Shy Albatross 12 HC
B259 Alaskan Black Bear 11
B261 McnaMarr Project 2022 12 HC

A Grade Open Digital

Comp # Title Mark /15 Place
A036 Mossy Point 15 1st
A048 Gone Fishing 11
A087 Crimson Flight 13 3rd
A168 Dunkeld Mornings 11
A179 Hanging Hoya 10
A219 At the Spinning Wheel 12 HC
A225 We Work 12 HC
A253 Egret Reflective Catch 14 2nd

B Grade Open Digital

Comp # Title Mark /15 Place
B008 I'm Taller 11
B176 Up Up and Away 12 HC
B180 Swan Sculpture 11
B181 Across the Road 11
B185 Robert 14 2nd
B188 The Eyes of the Whale (1938) 11
B195 Old House 12 HC
B207 Colourful Serenity 11
B211 Finally Found You 12 HC
B212 Kelvedon Beach Boat Shed 11
B220 Gemini 15 1st
B221 Sunset at Pt Willunga 11
B251 Rock Face 10
B256 Horseshoe Lake 11
B258 Blue Tiers Giant Tasmania 11
B259 Corio Bay 13 3rd

Photographers mentioned by Paul for further investigation

Throughout the judging Paul referenced a lot of photographers for members to look into to further their field of photography, we have collated that list and found links for them below.

A couple of additional notes from this evening

  • In a series, we would do well to attempt to keep the frames of similar size. Each image in a series should hold equal weight. Given this was the first time for many members in attempting to make a series of images in a single image, you all did amazingly well, I for one commend all those who gave it a try.
  • Paul commented on the "progress of motion". He mentioned that we are often told, and many judges will comment, when we have a subject "moving though the frame" they should be left with space into which to move. However, when there is an element in the image providing a "progress of motion" then the subject should in fact have made its way through the frame. see the image below "Up, Up, and Away" by Tony Aceri for an example.
  • Members are encouraged to look into the Gestalt Theory of composition, gestalt theory goes beyond our standard rule-of-thirds, repetition, leading lines and into more subtle versions of pattern recognition:

Gallery of images which received placings

Click on any image above to see a larger view.


Judging: Judging: Monochrome & Open

Judging of our first competition of the year: Monochrome & Open

Supper night, bring along a plate to share

Entries due for competition 2: "Curves" & Open

Walker Close Community Centre
28th March 2023 7:30 pm
Workshop: Image Evaluation

Members are encouraged to submit and bring along images for a group project in Image Evaluation.  In groups we will discuss the images presented and "evaluate" them providing constructing feedback. 

The aim of these evenings is to encourage reflection on our own images and to stimulate conversation about our work beyond "that looks nice" expanding on how the image makes us feel, what the maker might do to add to the image's appeal and better their and our own work.

Walker Close Community Centre
11th April 2023 7:30 pm

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