Paper Bag Challenge - 2019 Edition

Paper Bag Challenge 2019 © WCC Members

Our Tuesday night meeting welcomed the annual Paper Bag Challenge. A night where members are presented with a mystery item and are asked to create an image with that item. Over the years members have become wise to the madness and bring along props that may or may not work with the mystery item. It's a great night that tests our abilities to think on the spot and make images with the presented item, props brought in, and found items and locations around us.

This year, it was all about the PEG.

I was excited to see, and surprised by, the ingenuity of our members. Their willingness to embrace the subject and work with in the confines of time and subject, as well as working in groups was joyful to watch. We got some great photos presented from our groups, and having wandered around during the evening, I know there are some really good photos that didn't make it up onto the big screen as groups were encouraged to only submit one or two images from their group.

Some groups chose to consolidate their efforts on a single idea, while others individually worked on concepts and ideas... on the night of a Paper Bag Challenge, anything goes.

One member brought in a hubcap, which lead to jovial queries as to whether we had to check our cars before we left to see if it were our own. Some members offered themselves up as the subject and found themselves in a painful embrace of pegs adorning their face... ouchy! Funny, but ouchy. We also had some using interesting items as gobos to cast shaped shadows across their scenes.

Not all our ideas come out the way we might expect, but all up a fun night was had by all.

Big thanks to Karen who organised our mystery item, it can be difficult finding a subject for our members, but I think the Peg was just right!

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Social: Club Christmas Dinner

This is an opt in event, if you haven't already RSVPed and paid you've missed out for this year.

As with last year's dinner, due to it being such a success, we'll be hosting this in our club rooms. Join us for a wonderful social gathering with food and friends as we celebrate the year that was and look forward to the year to come.

BYO drinks and any extra nibbles you'd like to share.

Walker Close Community Centre
6th December 2022 7:00 pm
Awards Night: Annual EOY Awards Night

We present the awards for 2022 at our final meeting of the year!

Walker Close Community Centre
13th December 2022 7:30 pm

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