Trekking Kosciuszko National Park

In December 2011 I went trekking for a week in the Snowy Mountains with a group of 6 friends. We hiked every day for distances up to 20 kms – a bit tough on the legs, but abounding with photographic opportunities.

There were still a few late season snow drifts that melted at the top of Australia and became the beginnings of new mountain streams; a multitude of delicate wild flowers of all colours; mountain huts used by the hardy in all seasons; walking paths scantily defined by snow poles that guided us through moss covered bogs and alpine gum forests recovering from all too recent fires; and mountain peaks - totally unimpressive by international standards of height and ruggedness – that had their own beauty comprised of ancient granite boulders worn down by millenniums of erosion on the worlds oldest continent.

The local names were great too, sounding like something out of the Man from the Snowy River… Corryong, Tom Groggin, Dead Horse Gap, Khancoban, Jindabyne, Crackenback, Charlotte Pass, Thredbo, Perisher Valley, Smiggen Holes. Most of these places fall within the Kosciuszko National Park.

As I said, it was not only a feast for the eyes and the mind but a wonderful opportunity to take, and experiment, with photos. I would thoroughly recommend it to all those who are adventurous of spirit.

On return, I put a collation of my favourite photos into a small photo book. It is the second one of these I have prepared and I am pleased with the end product. I used a product called ‘Blurb’ and would recommend them for ease of use, quality of product and price. I know a number of other members from within the club have also used Blurb.

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