Winners: Negative Space and Open

Another night of great entries and creativity.

Digital: Open

1st - Guardian - David McIntyre

2nd - Run For Your Life - Cathy Buchanan

3rd - The Baker - Brett Ferguson

HC - Round Them Up - Melissa Massari

HC - Benny - James Troi

HC - Gold and Blue - Vlad Ast

Print: Open

1st - This Old House - Cathy Buchanan

2nd - The Girl - David McIntyre

3rd - Windy - Arvin Coloma

HC - Elliot and Fuzzy - James Troi

HC - Over This One, Where’s The Next One? - Ray Tucker

Digital: Negative Space

1st - The Look - Brett Ferguson

2nd - What Now? - Cathy Buchanan

3rd - Home Alone - David Male

HC - Brandon - James Troi

HC - Lake - Arvin Coloma

HC - The Burgers Are Better At - David McIntyre

Print: Negative Space

1st - Love At The Top - Brett Ferguson

2nd - Positives Spaces - Arvin Coloma

3rd - Pacific Gull - Neil Anderson

Digital: Novice

1st - Sandy Coral - Tess Maddocks

Print: Novice

1st - Skates On Ice - Tania Chalmers


Presentation: Pano Presentation & Practical

We'll start with a presentation about capturing the perfect panorama and then go through some practical examples right there in the room.

Walker Close Community Centre
23rd August 2022 7:30 pm
Weekend Away: Benalla Weekend Away

Itinerary TBC

2nd September 2022 11:00 am

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