2019 ANZAC Dawn Service at Currumbin Beach

Joseph has asked that we share this video with you of his experience attending this event.

I was fortunate to attend the ANZAC Dawn Service held at Currumbin Beach, Qld on the 25/4/2019 with my family at 4:30am.

Upon arriving at the beach, space was at a premium. I managed to find a plot a short distance from a large screen. There was no room to plant a tripod, plus, the stability of the tripod on the sand it gave me headaches.

For technical information:- 

  • I used a Canon 6D (hand held) with a 24-70 f2.8 Tamron lens. 
  • The camera settings ranged for:
    • Av f9–f16, 
    • Tv 1/60–1/100, and 
    • ISO 1,200–12,800. 
  • I took about 64 photos. Out of these, I retained 50 and used 32 for this video. 
  • Majority of the photos were taken from the screen. 

Beside me there was a mother and a child. Noticing the child was wearing a Richmond jumper, I asked the mother is it ok for me to take a photo of both of them. She replied "Yes".

To generate this video, I used Pinnacle Studio 16 (now is at version 24). Imported the 32 photos on a track. Each photo I added its own transition. 

As John Williamson was one of the participants, I researched the songs he sang. I selected four, than narrow to these, "Diggers of the ANZAC (please listen to the lyrics) and Advance Australia Fair". I purchased two cd's.

The two songs, I imported and placed them each on its own track with an overlap (as one is about to finish, the second comes in to play). 

I worked out the total time duration and spaced out the display time for the photos. 

Added two title panels. One at the beginning with the introduction and the second at the end with a thank you note. 

And finally, exported to MP4 video format. 

As I said at the beginning, I was fortunate to attend, but also extremely affected by the emotion. I will never forget it.


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