Light Painting at Altona Beach

It was a calm, clear and mild night that attracted a large number of members to Altona Beach for our light painting activity.  I got to the beach around 7.15pm which I thought was early and walked to our usual spot only to find a huge line of tripods with hardly a spot left.

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Autumn Colours Bright Weekend Away

The weekend of 10-12 May saw 20 Members and family head to Bright.  Although the Club has been to Bright before (not in my time) there is certainly plenty to see and photograph.  

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Trentham Spudfest 2024

On May 4th, members of the Williamstown Camera Club attended the vibrant Trentham Spudfest in Trentham, Victoria. This unique festival celebrates the region's rich potato farming heritage with a plethora of activities, and the photographers were there to capture every memorable moment.

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Competition 1 Photo Review

The photo reviews are back for 2024

Something we started during COVID times when the judge had left us after a judging, photo reviews are us jumping through the competition entries as a club and discussing the images and the judges comments about them.

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Competition 1 - Monochrome and Open

Competition results for our first round of competition for 2024 - Monochrome and Open. Our judge for this round was Ian Bock.

We welcome the return of prints in this competition and throughout this year. Thank you to all members entering in both formats.

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Workshop: Flash Theory and Practical - Not Studio Flash

We're going to be working with standard flash units. On and off the camera. We'll look at the pros and cons of the many different ways to use your flash in photography for portraiture work and for lighting macro photos.

We will also following this up with a practical day on the weekend to practise using our flash outdoors.

Entries due for competition 4: "Red" and Open

Walker Close Community Centre
25th June 2024 7:30 pm
Presentation: Negative Space in Photography & Landscapes Part 2

James will join us via Zoom and take us through the concept of Negative space in photography can how it can be used to create an emotional response to your images or to focus on a singular subject.

Following this we will have part 2 of the landscape presentation by Neil and Ian Street.

Walker Close Community Centre
9th July 2024 7:30 pm

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