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Established in 1965, the Williamstown Camera Club brings together residents of Williamstown, Newport, Altona, Laverton, Footscray, and adjacent suburbs. There are 22 meetings per year in which members can develop their photographic skills, socialise with others interested in photography, and engage in friendly competition with the aim of becoming better photographers.

The Club meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at 7:45pm at
Brooklyn Community Hall
2 Cypress Avenue

See the calendar for meeting dates.

Come along and join us!

There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.

Ansel Adams (1902 - 1984)
  • <p>1st - A Grade: Set Print - Reaching for the Stars <small>© Viet Tran</small></p>
  • <p>2nd - A Grade: Set Print - Formality <small>© Brett Ferguson</small></p>
  • <p>3rd - A Grade: Set Print - Silver Gull <small>© Leo Loque</small></p>
  • <p>1st - B Grade: Set Print - Country Roads <small>© John Coppini</small></p>
  • <p>2nd - B Grade: Set Print - Twins <small>© Phiphi Lu</small></p>
  • <p>3rd - B Grade: Set Print - The Actor - Nilson <small>© Cathrin Plunkett</small></p>
  • <p>1st - A Grade: Open Print - 2020 Bushfires Sky to Remember <small>© Viet Tran</small></p>
  • <p>2nd - A Grade: Open Print - Karla <small>© Brett Ferguson</small></p>
  • <p>3rd - A Grade: Open Print - Watch Your Step, the Door's Open <small>© Robert Moyses</small></p>
  • <p>3rd - B Grade: Open Print - Moonlit Mountains <small>© Phiphi Lu</small></p>
  • <p>2nd - B Grade: Open Print - Mt Hood <small>© Michael Stoltenburg</small></p>
  • <p>3rd - B Grade: Open Print - Sunrise at Newhaven <small>© Matthew Peart</small></p>
  • <p>HC - B Grade: Open Print - The Old Country <small>© Cathrin Plunkett</small></p>
  • <p>1st - A Grade: Set Digital - A Hard Life <small>© Viet Tran</small></p>
  • <p>2nd - A Grade: Set Digital - Black Rain <small>© Brett Ferguson</small></p>
  • <p>3rd - A Grade: Set Digital - Intermission <small>© Karl Zeller</small></p>
  • <p>1st - B Grade: Set Digital - The Shadow Cyclist <small>© Mario Xerri</small></p>
  • <p>2nd - B Grade: Set Digital - The Egyptian <small>© Larry Rigoni</small></p>
  • <p>3rd - B Grade: Set Digital - My Dark Valentine <small>© Adrian Jones</small></p>
  • <p>HC - B Grade: Set Digital - Queen of the Night <small>© Phiphi Lu</small></p>
  • <p>1st - A Grade: Open Digital - The Rose <small>© Brett Ferguson</small></p>
  • <p>2nd - A Grade: Open Digital - Lotus Comp <small>© Viet Tran</small></p>
  • <p>3rd - A Grade: Open Digital - Flash <small>© Jennifer Empey</small></p>
  • <p>1st - B Grade: Open Digital - Anna <small>© Adrian Jones</small></p>
  • <p>2nd - B Grade: Open Digital - Misty Mountains <small>© Michael Stoltenburg</small></p>
  • <p>3rd - B Grade: Open Digital - A Night at Mortons <small>© Allan Williams</small></p>
  • <p>HC - B Grade: Open Digital - There it Goes <small>© Alan Coram</small></p>


COVID-19 Update

Due to COVID-19 pandemic and the non-negotiable Government and Health Authority requirements for managing this crisis, WCC Committee has made the following decisions:

  • Wilsons Prom weekend away is cancelled. If members booked through a company that allows cancellation (e.g. Booking.com), then cancel immediately. If members booked their accommodation direct, then contact the provider and ask for a deferment to allow the booking to be used in 2021. (Note: I had overseas tours, flights and a Luxury Escapes booking for April - May 2020. Flights have all been refunded; all the other bookings have been deferred with a requirement to use the booking before end of 2021.)
  • Full Flight Birds of Prey has been postponed until after restrictions of COVID-19 have been lifted.
  • WCC Committee made a decision on how Comp 2 could progress in liaison with the judge. The judge will evaluate entries remotely, make comments and scores, and then put digital copies of entries, comments and scores on a Powerpoint presentation. This presentation will be available to members.
  • Discussion on a plan for Competition 3 is in progress. Due to Social Distancing requirements, it is almost certain that this competition will be a "Digital only" competition.
  • WCC Committee is meeting (non-face to face) in the near future to put forward a program that continues to engage members with possible presentations from the presenters we have engaged, (one option) and to provide photographic challenges to members.

Without doubt these are very challenging times. Take all the advice from Health Authorities. Keep safe and healthy.


Competition 1 - Monochrome & Open

Our judge for this competition was Lisa Law. We see from the results that those who moved from B-Grade to A are certainly making themselves known in the new grade, and it has opened the B-Grade to a whole new pool of winners and place-getters. Congrats to all.

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Blue Lotus Water Garden

The first day of autumn saw 16 club members and families head out to the Blue Lotus Water Garden, Yarra Junction.

It has been about nine years since we have been out to the Farm as a Club and those of us who had visited it before noticed a big change with several new areas.

The weather was kind to us, heating up later in the day. Lots of photos were taken of lotuses and water lilies as well as other plants; also looking for birds in the wetland area. All the attendees seem to enjoy the day - well worth the 1½-hour drive!

The Blue Lotus Water Garden is found at 2628 Warburton HWY, Yarra Junction, Victoria 3797, Australia. OPEN December 26 - April 13.


Colour Management

At our meeting last night we were joined by Michael from Kayell who took us through the tech-strong topic of Colour Management, Colour Profiles, and the Printing Process.

Not being a big self-printer I took a lot away from Michael's talk and may just think more about printing my own images now. We probably should see it as part of our process in creating our works in camera, to computer, and then to final output on print media.

Apologies, the notes are a little all over the shop; but hopefully you'll understand what I'm saying.

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2019 End of Year Awards

The Results are in... 

Congrats to all who entered our End of Year awards: our images of the year, our aggregate winners, and to those who have been promoted from Grade B to Grade A, you have all produced exceptional work throughout 2019 and we look forward to seeing so much more in 2020.

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Photo Shoot: Full Flight Birds of Prey Centre

Birds of Prey will offer our members to option to get up and close with birds of prey and capture them as they fly.

Full Flight Birds of Prey, Minors Rest
Meeting: Meeting Cancelled

Meeting Cancelled

Siddeley Street Car Park
14th April 2020 7:45 pm

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