Competition 1 - Monochrome and Open

1st - A Grade: Set Digital - VFLW Friendly Fire © Wade Buchan

Competition results for our first competition of 2022 - Monochrome and Digital. Our judge was Brian Basham. He found our images to be quite impressive, and in particular liked the array of portraits on display.

Brian's comments and feedback are available to financial members via our Closed Facebook Group and will soon be uploaded to our private YouTube Channel.

A Grade Set Digital - Monochrome

Comp # Title Mark /15 Place
A013 After the Fire 12
A036 Super Storm 11
A048 Walkies 13 HC   
A087 Her 12
A108 Hugh 13 HC
A125 It's all about the wheat 11
A130 Nankeen Kestral 13 HC
A142 Focus 13 HC
A168 Tern Around 13 HC
A179 Pin Cushion 12
A197 Ipsy's Hunting Ground 11
A219 A Quiet Moment 14 2nd
A225 Lone Train Commuter 11
A228 Guggenheim Dome 12
A229 Bombo Rocks 4091 12
A238 Not Roadworthy 13 3rd
A253 VFLW Friendly Fire 15 1st

B Grade Set Digital - Monochrome

Comp # Title Mark /15 Place
B008 The kindness behind those eyes 12
B016 Wandering Waters 11
B022 Crowning the Cross 12
B110 Stillness 13 HC
B153 Isolation Hobby 13
B176 You Shall Not Pass 12
B180 Untitled 12
B185 Joseph 13 HC
B181 Rod Lavr Arena 13 HC
B188 At the NGV 14 3rd
B195 Montsalvat 12
B207 Click go the shears 13
B211 We Have Visitors 14 2nd
B212 Trees By the Lake 12
B220 Sianna 14 1st
B221 Looking Out 13
B251 In the Long Grass 12
B256 Mono 12
B258 Ancient 12

A Grade Open Digital

Comp # Title Mark /15 Place
A013 Alpine Angling 12
A036 Marengo Storm 11
A048 Protester 12
A087 High 12
A108 CAC Mustang 13 2nd
A130 Egret in Flight 13 HC
A142 The Flow 12
A168 It's Electrifying 13
A179 Industrial Segment 12
A219 Derelict 12
A225 At the Seaside 12
A228 Kangaroo Island Two Years After 2020 Bushfires 12
A229 Light Painted Park 12
A238 Oh What a Feeling Toyota 13 3rd
A253 Little Eagle Bloody and Guts 14 1st

B Grade Open Digital

Comp # Title Mark /15 Place
B008 Aiming for the 2024 Olympics 13
B022 What The 13
B110 Strike a Pose 14 1st
B153 Time to Play Music 13 HC
B176 Lambassa Flower 12
B180 Tree Trunk 11
B181 Sunset at Portland Lighthouse 11
B185 Flinders Street Clock Tower 12
B188 Foggy Day 13 HC
B195 Sea Shells 12
B207 Blue Hues 14 3rd
B211 Portarlington at Dusk 13
B212 Hopetoun Falls 14 2nd
B220 Leticia 13 HC
B221 Leaping Tiger 12
B223 Docklands Arched Walkway 12
B251 Sunbursts Thought Water Droplets 12
B256 Still Life 12
B258 New Holland Honeyeater in Action 13 HC
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Judging: Judging: Blur/Panning & Open

Judging of our third competition of the year "Blur/Panning" & Open

Supper night, bring along a plate to share

Walker Close Community Centre
13th June 2023 7:30 pm
VAPS Event: VAPS Convention - Colac

Details coming when available from VAPS

16th June 2023 9:00 am

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