Competition 2 - Monochrome & Open

Big thanks to our judge Mario Mirabile who was the judge for our second competition "Monochrome". Mario provided our members with a lot of valuable feedback on their images.

If you missed the Zoom meeting we will be uploading a recording to our  private Facebook group, unfortunately it looks like Facebook made a recent changes to their streaming set up that prevented us from live-streaming this meeting. The private Facebook group is open to all financial members of the club.

A Grade Set Digital - Monochrome

Comp # Title Mark /15 Place
A002 I'm coming down now! 12 HC
A036 Hastings Point 10         
A048 Model Hanna 11
A081 Raindrops 11  
A087 Life in Mono 15 1st
A130 Pt Lonsdale Jetty 11
A168 Walking into the Sun 13 3rd
A179 Going up to the shop 10
A225 Slate Wall 14 2nd
A227 The Last Rays 11
A228 Black and White Dreaming 11
A234 Leading Lights 10
A253 Eye-stair 11

B Grade Set Digital - Monochrome

Comp # Title Mark /15 Place
B008 Who are you looking at? 15 1st
B063 Dove Lake Boathouse 10
B180 Sepia Scales 12 HC
B181 Looking Into the Bushes 10
B185 Rail Sleepers 10
B188 Picnic at Hanging Rock 10
B195 Jetty Pylons 10

B207 Murky Morning 10
B211 Intertwine Trees 10
B219 Linesman 11
B220 Chloe's Bar 14 2nd
B221 Run  Down 10
B226 Lady In Lockdown 13 3rd
B238 Ella & Bellbridge 12 HC
B251 Discarded 10
B256 Port Fairy Lighthouse 11

A Grade Open Digital

Comp # Title Mark /15 Place
A002 Harbour Town Square 11
A036 Point Roadknight 10
A048 Light Painting 10
A081 I'm Eating My Greens 10
A087 Bloom 14 2nd
A130 Backyard Visitor 11
A168 Gang Gang on Hawthorne 13 3rd
A179 Princess Bridge Melbourne 11
A225 Itch Scratch 11
A227 Childers Cove 15 1st
A228 Fun Fun Fun 12 HC
A253 Frog Legs Breakfast 12 HC

B Grade Open Digital

Comp # Title Mark /15 Place
B008 Freckle-Faced Beauty 11
B063 Cradle Mountain 11
B167 I'm Very Thirs-Bee 10
B180 Visiting Southbank 10
B181 Dinner 11
B185 Forgotten Beer 12 HC
B188 Hot Pink 15 1st
B195 Highlights of the Day 10
B207 Sun Globe 14 2nd
B211 Eaglehawk Bay 11
B212 Portrait of a Kestrel 11
B219 Kangaroo Court 10
B220 Bella 13 3rd
B221 Wet Day 10
B226 Afternoon Smoko 12 HC
B238 Fairy Parachutes 12 HC
B251 Camouflaged 12 HC
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Presentation: Still Life – Robert Moyses

Robert Moyses, one of our members, has been hitting it out of the park when it comes to his Still Life work and he has graciously agreed to share his methodology with us in a presentation.

Walker Close Community Centre
12th July 2022 7:30 pm
Photo Shoot: Waterfalls – Malmsbury/Trentham

Actual locations and times to be confirmed

23rd July 2022 10:00 am

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