Competition 2 - Still Life and Open

Competition results for our second round of competition for 2024 - Still Life and Open. Our judge for this round was Gary Smith.

Thanks to all members who entered this round of competition.

For the purposes of this competition the set subject of "Still Life" was defined as:

An arrangement of inanimate objects in an artificial or natural setting. (Definition via the APJA).

A Grade Set Subject - Print - Still Life

Place Title Maker
1st Bold Platoon Ready for Inspection Ian Gofton
2nd Ying-Yang Cup Saucer Wade Buchan

B Grade Set Subject - Print - Still Life

Place Title Maker
1st Banksia Gayle Tout
2nd Stands Bags Beads Tony Buttigieg
3rd Ready to Celebrate Graham Rogers

A Grade - Print - Open

Place Title Maker
1st Winning Phil Taylor
2nd Material Flow Wade Buchan

B Grade- Print - Open

Place Title Maker
1st Au Garde-a-Vous Tracey Noonan
2nd Birds Eye View Cas Bukor
3rd Angkor Thom Gate Carol Gurney

A Grade - Digital - Set Subject - Still Life

Place Title Maker
1st Paint Set Brett Ferguson
2nd Waiting for the Clothes to Dry Wade Buchan
3rd Sharing the Leftovers Ian Street
HC Distilled Life Kathryn Hocking
HC Garlic Monique Whear

B Grade - Digital - Set Subject - Still Life

Place Title Maker
1st Early Morning Spring Cleaning Joseph Meilak
2nd Ig-KNIGHT-ed Tracey Noonan
3rd Coconut & Berries Alan Coram
HC A Cluster of Tomatoes Michael Costa
HC At the End of the Day Phil Faulkner
HC Me Time Deborah Peart
HC Hamburger with the Lot + Chips (Yum) Darryl Martin
HC The Perfect Choice Graham Rogers

A Grade - Digital - Open

Place Title Maker
1st Magnetism Brett Ferguson
2nd Kicking Whilst Tackled Wade Buchan
3rd Reflections on the Ahuriri Allan Williams
HC Antique Car Neil Anderson

B Grade - Digital - Open

Place Title Maker
1st You Look Delicious Joseph Meilak
2nd Summer Nights Cas Bukor
3rd Desk Top Companion John Kantar
HC Jummy Pears Grace Sobania
HC Egret at Williamstown Matthew Peart
HC A Ghost in Our Apartment Darryl Martin
HC Dave Hole Wendy Rowe
HC Perth Cityscape Tracey Noonan

As we no longer advise scores we will only be presenting the award winners. We do still receive scores from the judge so if you would like your score please contact Tania, our competition steward via and she will let you know.

Resources recommended by Gary

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Meeting: Light Painting

Meet us at our usual place, Altona Beach for a night of light painting. A regular much-loved evening out of the club rooms.

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28th May 2024 7:30 pm
Photo Shoot: Show Jumping

Test your ability to capture horse and rider as they take on the Melbourne 3 Day International Event at Werribee Park National Equestrian Centre. Full details advised closer to the date.

Note this is the Monarch's Birthday Public Holiday Monday.

Werribee Park National Equestrian Centre
10th June 2024 10:00 am

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