Competition 2 - Windows and Open

1st - A Grade: Set Digital - The Wedding © Neil Anderson

Competition results for our second competition of 2022 - Windows and Digital. Our judge was Tony Harding. 

Tony's comments and feedback are available to financial members via our Closed Facebook Group and will soon be uploaded to our private YouTube Channel.

A Grade Set Digital - Windows

Comp # Title Mark /15 Place
A036 The Wedding 14 1st
A048 Curves 12 HC   
A081 Lots Reflected 10
A087 Morning 13 3rd
A168 Window to the Clouds 12 HC
A179 Third Floor Men's Store 12 HC
A219 Crimsafe Window 11
A225 Housebound My Window to the World 13 2nd
A228 Marketing Window 11
A234 Tunnel Vision 11
A238 Shattered Dreams 11
A253 Window Silhouette 12

B Grade Set Digital - Windows

Comp # Title Mark /15 Place
B011 Windows 10
B022 A Cut Above 10
B153 Darkness & Solitude Behind Prison Cell Window 12 HC
B180 Open Louvers 10
B181 Chandon Winery 11
B185 Passing by a Window Within 11
B188 Relax! 13 3rd
B195 Church Window 12 HC
B207 Neglected Window 11
B211 Windows Reflection 13 2nd
B220 Bradmill 07676 12 HC
B221 Lace Curtain 14 1st
B226 The Cabin 10
B251 If these Old Venetian Windows Could Talk 12 HC
B256 Window 10
B258 Basic 11
B259 White-Knuckle Gondola Grip 12 HC
B260 Cleaning Windows 11

A Grade Open Digital

Comp # Title Mark /15 Place
A036 The Murray 10
A048 Cello Player 11
A081 The Murray 10
A087 Glance 12 HC
A130 Brown Falcon 11
A168 Portrait of a Gang-gang Cockatoo 13 2nd
A179 Golden Leaves 11
A219 Time for Fishing 12 HC
A225 Essendon Footbridge 13
A228 Passage of Time 11
A234 Orange Bellied Parrot 12 HC
A238 Day 65 of Lockdown 11
A253 Flour Leap Dance 14 1st

B Grade Open Digital

Comp # Title Mark /15 Place
B022 Diversity 11
B011 Scooter Girl 11
B110 Morning Starter 12 HC
B110 Glimpse Through an Open Window 12 HC
B153 Stairway to Prison 12 HC
B180 Stacked Reflections 10
B181 Whistling Kite 12 HC
B185 Forgotten Timber 12 HC
B188 Rock Climbing 11
B207 Absence of Movement 11
B211 Split Lights 12
B212 Sunrise at Point Lonsdale 13 3rd
B217 Point Lonsdale Ante Méridien 11
B220 911 - 00269 11
B221 Old Servo with a Touch of Colour 12 HC
B226 Cecilia 11
B251 Landing 10
B256 Enlighten Canberra 10
B258 After the Storm 13 2nd
B259 Reminicence Ramp 12 HC
B260 Open Crane 11
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Judging: Judging: Monochrome & Open

Join us for the judging of our first competition: Monochrome & Open categories in A and B grades

Walker Close Community Centre
12th March 2024 7:30 pm
Presentation: Pet Photography with Belinda Richards

Photographer Belinda Richards of Frog Dog Studios in Yarraville joins us for a presentation on her work as a pet photographer.

Find Frog Dog Studios at their WebsiteInstagramFacebook

Entries due for competition 2: Still Life and Open

Walker Close Community Centre
26th March 2024 7:30 pm

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