Competition 3 - Architecture and Open

3rd - B Grade: Set Digital - WTC Transportation Hub © Robyn Singleton

Competition results for our third competition of 2022 - Architecture and Open. Our judge was Adrian Smith. 

Adrian's comments and feedback are available to financial members via our Closed Facebook Group and will soon be uploaded to our private YouTube Channel.

A Grade Set Digital - Architecture

Comp # Title Mark /15 Place
A036 Convention Artistry15 1st
A048 Ten 3 Ten 14 2nd
A168 The Chocolate Box11
A179 Looking Up Into the Reflected Windows 11
A219 The Old and the New 12 HC
A225 Yellow Finger 11
A238 Westgate Fwy 13
A253 Federation Pyramid 11

B Grade Set Digital - Windows

Comp # Title Mark /15 Place
B008 WTC Transportation Hub 13 3rd
B022 Potter 10
B110 Wings of a Spire 12
B180 Seafarers Arches 11
B181 Australian Icon 12 HC
B185 Labirynth Icon 10
B188 Unknown Architect 11
B211 Waved Building 10
B212 Seafarers Bridge 12 HC
B220 ETA 12 HC
B221 Emporium 12 HC
B223 Afternoon Glow at St Patrick's Cathedral 12 HC
B226 The Motel 11
B251 Angles and Curves 14 2nd
B253 Geelong Gaol 11
B256 Melbourne Arcade Ceiling 11 HC
B258 Waiting for the Train 15 1st
B259 Intricate Detail 10
B260 Rundown 9

A Grade Open Digital

Comp # Title Mark /15 Place
A036 Rye Ocean Sunset 13 3rd
A048 Spiral Staircase 14 2nd
A168 Disconnected 11
A179 Still Life #81 12 HC
A219 Waiting at the Lights 12 HC
A225 Horizontal Lines 11
A238 Hail Skatin 12 HC
A253 Going with the Flow 15 1st

B Grade Open Digital

Comp # Title Mark /15 Place
B008 Contemplation 12 HC
B022 Lake Jubilee 11
B110 Amongst the Stairs 11
B153 Cafe Doors 11
B180 Stairs 10
B181 ANZAC Memorial 13 3rd
B185 Lazy Summers Afternoon 11
B188 Dorothee 12 HC
B207 Lone Lilly 11
B211 Sand Boarding 11
B212 Sunset Over Coles Bay 15 1st
B220 Art & Industry 11
B221 Old Shed 11
B226 Olivia Seated 14 2nd
B251 Light Painting 12 HC
B256 Seagull Taking Off 12 HC
B258 Dove in the Rain 12 HC
B259 Polination 10
B260 Bird 11
B258 After the Storm 13 2nd
B259 Reminicence Ramp 12 HC
B260 Open Crane 11
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Social: Club Christmas Dinner

This is an opt in event, if you haven't already RSVPed and paid you've missed out for this year.

As with last year's dinner, due to it being such a success, we'll be hosting this in our club rooms. Join us for a wonderful social gathering with food and friends as we celebrate the year that was and look forward to the year to come.

BYO drinks and any extra nibbles you'd like to share.

Walker Close Community Centre
6th December 2022 7:00 pm
Awards Night: Annual EOY Awards Night

We present the awards for 2022 at our final meeting of the year!

Walker Close Community Centre
13th December 2022 7:30 pm

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