Competition 3 - Blue & Open

HC - A Grade: Set Digital - The Log Cabin © Leo Loque

The judging for our 3rd competition "Open" & "Blue" was held via Zoom. Our judge, Adrian Smith, provided comments that Tania, our Competition Steward, read while we displayed the images. Note, only digital images are being judged due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

If you missed the Zoom meeting, you also missed our discussion as a group where we talked about some of the images that stood out or those we thought maybe had been misinterpreted by the judge. We've kind of agreed that we might like to do this going forward.

For this competition we have the judge's comments in note form. If you would like to see them for your image please contact and we'll pass them through.

A Grade Set Digital

Number Comp # Title Mark /15 Place
1 A002 The Log Cabin 12 HC
2 A019 Morning 13 3rd
3 A036 Hamnoy at Night 12 HC
4 A048 Blue Hour 11      
5 A081 Iceberg 14 2nd   
6 A087 The Blahs 12 HC
7 A165 Isolated 11
8 A179 The Emergence of Blue 10
9 A197 Isolation 9
10 A228 Niagara Blues 11
11 A234 Gateway 15 1st

B Grade Set Digital

Number Comp # Title Mark /15 Place
1 B176 Blue Moon 10  
2 B180 Blue Tree 11
3 B181 Hello Over There 12 HC
4 B185 Beyond the Blue Yonder 10
5 B188 Shadow of Blue 13 3rd
6 B195 Special Edition Runners 11
7 B207 It's A Blue Day 12 HC
8 B212 Beechworth at Blue Hour 12 HC
9 B219 Blue Light Night 14 2nd
10 B220 Madonna 15 1st
12 B227 Feeling Blue 11
13 B236 Crystal Pool 11

A Grade Open Digital

Number Comp # Title Mark /15 Place
1 A002 We're Heading Home 13 3rd=
2 A019 Johnny 12 HC
3 A036 Lofoten Sunrise 15 1st   
4 A048 Web Bridge 14 2nd
5 A081 Arctic Flora 10  
6 A087 Shadows 12 HC   
7 A165 Surrounded 9
8 A179 Old Wooden Bridge 12 HC
9 A197 Fear in Isolation 11
10 A228 Unseasonal Early Winter 13 3rd=
11 A234 A Piece of Slice 11

B Grade Open Digital

Number Comp # Title Mark /15 Place
1 B176 Mountain Cabin 12 HC
2 B180 Blue Lady 10
3 B181 Reflections 11
4 B185 No Title 11  
5 B188 Best set for Iso 14 2nd   
6 B195 Magical Autumn 10  
7 B207 Dewy Daisies 11  
8 B212 Fire and Ice 12 HC   
9 B219 Water Wall 13 3rd       
10 B220 Anna 11
11 B223 Enter the Twilight Zone 10
12 B225 Hosier Lane Lunchtime 12 HC
13 B227 Mount Hotham In Summer 15 1st
14 B236 Home Amongst the Gum Trees 11

Will be adding the images on the evening of the 15th.

Click on any image above to see a larger view.


Meeting: Light Painting

It was a much-loved event in 2019 so we're giving it another go. Join us at Altona beach at the end of Millers Road and to the right.

This is a workshop exploring the use of light for painting on our cameras. We'll be looking at using manual mode during this workshop.

Bring a tripod, a wide lens: between 20 and 120mm, a headlamp or torch, a remote trigger, or know your timer settings. It will be quite dark and it will be cold, so ensure you rug up for the evening. 

Also dark clothing is best as you might help out with the lighting and the darker your clothing the less you are likely to appear in the shot. There will be a few stations on the night so we can spread out.

Altona Beach
25th May 2021 7:45 pm
VAPS Event: VAPS Convention 2021

The VAPS Convention will be held in Wangaratta this year. Visit the VAPS website for more details (when they become available).

Wangaratta, Victoria
4th June 2021 12:00 pm

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