Competition 3 - Old Buildings and Open

Our judge for this competition was David Skinner - A regional judge from Albury, Zoom meetings have allowed us to have judges come to us from all over, we are grateful for those who have shared their time with us. Judges volunteer their time and judging a competition can take a lot of time, so we're very fortunate to have people who are willing to spend their time to provide us feedback on our

If you missed the Zoom meeting you can watch a recording to our  private Facebook group. The private Facebook group is open to all financial members of the club, you can request to join our group if you are a current member of the club.

A Grade Set Digital - Old Buildings

Comp # Title Mark /15 Place
A002 Paris Icon At Night11
A036 Queenscliff Pier 15 1st          
A048 Flinders St Station 11
A081 Very Old Ruins in Portugal 10  
A087 I Was Here First9
A168 Rustic Beauty 13 HC
A179 The Bleeding Shearing Shed 14 3rd
A225 Faded Beauty 13
A227 Old Furniture9
A228 Lithgow Old Furnace 15 2nd
A234 Turtle Tower 11
A253 Sunrise Storm Over Boatshed 13

B Grade Set Digital - Old Buildings

Comp # Title Mark /15 Place
B011 Old Buildings12
B022 Bango Reggio13
B063 Birmini's Columns 11
B104 Abandoned Mine Shaft 14 3rd
B110 Old Buildings 11
B176 Irish Farmhouse 14 HC
B180 Bickley's Bar 13 HC
B181 On the Back Road14
B185 The Cottage13
B188 Squeezed13
B195 Past Village of the Bronze Age 12

B207 Lest We Forget12
B211 187711
B212 Once Called Home13
B219 The Silent City (Malta) 15
B220 Shattered14 2nd
B221 Tobacco Sheds13
B226 John Darling10
B238 Bradmill Textiles10
B251 Visitor at 80AD Coliseum 13
B256 Buninyong Church11

A Grade Open Digital

Comp # Title Mark /15 Place
A002 The X of Birds in Flight11
A016 Taking Off 13
A048 Spare Change Please13 HC
A081 A Window Shot11
A087 Damsel 12
A168 Autumn Vibes12
A179 A Pear with my Reading13
A225 A Duck to Water 12
A227 A Foggy Morning at Muchison 14 2nd
A228 And I Lift Off13
A253 Raining Determination15 1st

B Grade Open Digital

Comp # Title Mark /15 Place
B011 At Macedon 12
B063 The Egyptian 10
B110 The Castlemaine14 HC
B176 You've Got Mail 13
B180 Castlemaine Information Centre 10
B181 Sabrina 14 3rd
B185 Sad Dog13
B188 On the Other Side 14
B195 Beauty of Cactus12
B207 Glassed Garden11
B211 Battling the Environment14
B212 Altona Sunrise14
B219 Rye Back Beach12
B220 Bradmill 12
B221 Dreaming 13
B223 Tranquil Reflection 12
B226 The Dancer's Dream15 1st
B238 Touchdown 10
B251 Shaft of Light 14 2nd
B256 Floyd the Peregrine 11


Workshop: Photography Disciplines Stations

On this night we'll set up some workstations to explore fundamentals of photography such as Depth of Field, Macro, Portraits and others.

Entries due: "Creative" and Open

Walker Close Community Centre
22nd June 2021 7:45 pm
Photo Shoot: Mount Macedon Fungi Hunt

Another outing that was hindered somewhat in 2020 due to COVID restrictions, we're bringing it back so we can explore the macro world with the gorgeous array of fungi available to us at Mount Macedon.

Days Picnic Ground
27th June 2021 9:00 am

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