Competition 5 - Movement & Open

1st - B Grade: Open Digital - Last Hurdle © Wade Buchan

The judging for our 5th competition "Open" & "Movement" was again held via Zoom. There was a time we thought we'd be back in our club rooms by now, COVID-19… it just keep coming at us. We are grateful to our members who continue to stick with us during this time and enjoy seeing your work.

Our judge, Paul Robinson sent us written commentary ahead of time and Paul's words were delivered by Tania. Paul was a very generous judge, offering extensive critique and citing relevant references for other photographers our makers may choose to investigate.

If you missed the Zoom meeting it was also live-streamed to our  private Facebook group, you can review the video there if you are a member. 

A Grade Set Digital

Comp # Title Mark /15 Place
130A Crossing the Wetlands (a) 12 HC
A002 Gotcha' Champ (b) 14 2nd
A019 Ballerina Down (c) 11
A036 Kilan Beach Storm (d) 11     
A048 Spinning Steel Wool 12 HC
A081 Wet Landing (e) 10  
A087 Freestyle (f) 15 1st       
A108 MotoGP (g) 13 3rd
A179 A Windy Day (h) 11
A228 Show of Lights 11
A234 Reaching for the Stars (i) 11

Download Paul's commentary. Paul recommends checking out the following artists:

B Grade Set Digital

Comp # Title Mark /15 Place
B195 Summer Vibes 14 2nd   
B226 Sundown (a) 12 HC
B176 Go Faster Dad 9
B181 Over the Westgate (b) 11
B185 Stoke Up the Boiler 9
B188 At the Skate Park 9
B207 It's Mine (c) 13 3rd
B211 Oh No 10   

B219 Hill Climber (d) 11
B221 Moving Through the Mall (e) 12 HC
B223 Rhododendron Christmas Cheer (f) 10
B225 Dawn Cyclists (g) 11
B227 Higher! Higher! (h) 10
B236 Breaking Waves (a) 12 HC
B253 AO Mario Martinez 15 1st

Download Paul's commentary. Paul recommended checking out the following artists:

A Grade Open Digital

Comp # Title Mark /15 Place
A130 White-Faced Heron  (a) 11
A002 Resting Couple  (b) 10
A019 What  (c) 9
A036 Sakrisoy 14 2nd       
A048 Up and Over  (d) 12 HC
A081 Rooftop View  (e) 11
A087 Dune  (f) 15 1st
A108 Chris Sperou  (g) 12 HC
A179 Hanging On 11
A228 Autumn Falls  (h) 13 3rd

Download Paul's commentary. Paul recommended checking out the following artists:

B Grade Open Digital

Comp # Title Mark /15 Place
B195 Desert's Watermelon 10
B207 Alien Like (a) 10
B226 Screen Goddess (b) 11
B110 Mystical Fog Magic (c) 14 2nd
B176 A Pint by the Bridge (d) 11
B180 Boots (e) 9  
B181 Are You Looking at Me? (f) 9      
B185 Some Fun Guys (g) 12 HC
B188 Fragile (h) 13 3rd
B211 Emotion of ANZAC  12 HC   
B212 Mountain View (i) 9      
B219 Remembrance 9
B220 Gloomy Sunday (j) 12
B221 Farm Ruins 9
B225 Small Talk (k) 11
B236 Flinders Ranges Sunset (l) 12 HC
B253 Last Hurdle (m) 15 HC

Download Paul's commentary. Paul recommended checking out the following artists:

Pretty sure I got all the right photographers that Paul referenced, I tried to find the most relevant links for them.

Note, only digital images are being judged due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

Click on any image above to see a larger view.


Meeting: Light Painting

It was a much-loved event in 2019 so we're giving it another go. Join us at Altona beach at the end of Millers Road and to the right.

This is a workshop exploring the use of light for painting on our cameras. We'll be looking at using manual mode during this workshop.

Bring a tripod, a wide lens: between 20 and 120mm, a headlamp or torch, a remote trigger, or know your timer settings. It will be quite dark and it will be cold, so ensure you rug up for the evening. 

Also dark clothing is best as you might help out with the lighting and the darker your clothing the less you are likely to appear in the shot. There will be a few stations on the night so we can spread out.

Altona Beach
25th May 2021 7:45 pm
VAPS Event: VAPS Convention 2021

The VAPS Convention will be held in Wangaratta this year. Visit the VAPS website for more details (when they become available).

Wangaratta, Victoria
4th June 2021 12:00 pm

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