Competition 5 - Macro and Open

Our judge for this competition was Dave Sumner. This is Dave's third time judging for our club and he enjoyed our images.

This round's set subject was Macro, defined as:

A form of close-up photography where the captured subject is presented at a ratio of 1:1 or greater. Typically a specialised Macro lens is used, though the result may also be achieved through the use of extension tubes, macro filters, and/or reverse mounting your lens. The aim is to show enhanced details in common subjects that we may otherwise not notice.

A Grade Set Digital - Macro

Comp # Title Mark /15 Place
A002 Wrist Watch 11
A036 Icicle 11
A048 Bluey 13 2nd
A081 Light as a Feather 10  
A165 Lavender Bug 11
A168 Green Bottle Fly 13
A179 Into the Little Forest 13 1st
A228 Just Weed 13 HC
A234 Diastar 12
A253 Cacti Elegans 13 3rd

B Grade Set Digital - Macro

Comp # Title Mark /15 Place
B164 Mirrored Skeletal Leaf 11
B181 Pop Out Anywhere 12
B188 Helix 11
B195 Cactus Bloom 13
B207 Prickly Droplets 11
B212 Two by Two 12 3rd
B219 Zipper 10
B221 A Touch of Red 10
B223 Kiwi and Raspberry 11
B238 Pushing Pollen 15 1st
B251 Almost Empty Seed Pods 10

A Grade Open Digital

Comp # Title Mark /15 Place
A002 Early Morning Flight 11
A036 Shifting Sands 13 HC
A048 Yarra Reflections 10
A081 End of a Busy Day 10
A165 At the Station 12
A168 Purple-Backed Fairy Wren 13 3rd
A179 Standing, Waiting 14
A225 Dead Blue Jeans 11
A228 Smooth Operator 12
A234 Motaba 12
A253 Luna Ball Chase 14 2nd

B Grade Open Digital

Comp # Title Mark /15 Place
B164 Thorny Weed 11
B176 Lazy Morning 11
B181 Male Superb Fairy Wren 11
B188 Gone Fishing 10
B195 Coastal Postcard 11
B207 Idyllic Dawn 14 1st
B212 Gibsons Steps 12 2nd
B219 Akii 11
B220 Envy 11
B221 Mossy on Flower 10
B223 Triplet Falls 12
B238 Collins St 12 3rd
B251 About to Flee 11
B256 Otways Waterfall 11
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Presentation: Still Life – Robert Moyses

Robert Moyses, one of our members, has been hitting it out of the park when it comes to his Still Life work and he has graciously agreed to share his methodology with us in a presentation.

Walker Close Community Centre
12th July 2022 7:30 pm
Photo Shoot: Waterfalls – Malmsbury/Trentham

Actual locations and times to be confirmed

23rd July 2022 10:00 am

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