Competition Winners - April 2013 - Triptych

For our second competition of the year our set subject was "Triptych".

Prints Open

1st Untitled Kris Montgomery
2nd Sunset Over Grampians Cathy Buchanan
3rd Eveing Sea Mist Andy Arch
HC Kathryn Potempski, Trudy Purchas

Prints Set

1st Water In Motion Andy Arch
2nd Gerbera Tony Buttigieg
3rd The Way of Things Cathy Bucanan
HC Ronald Clarke, Kris Montgomery

Digital Open

1st Pretty In Pink Tom Matthews
2nd Choices Arvin Coloma
3rd Geelong Fireworks Neil Anderson
HC John Burgess, Trudy Purchas, Lisa Sandy, Simon Brown, Judith Cahill

Digital Set

1st Rough Rider John Burgess
2nd Bee & Honey Kratis Rigas
3rd Bells Beach Lisa Sandy
HC Kathryn Potempski, Andy Arch, Simon Brown, Trevor Davis, Judith Cahill
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Workshop: Photography Disciplines Stations

On this night we'll set up some workstations to explore fundamentals of photography such as Depth of Field, Macro, Portraits and others.

Entries due: "Creative" and Open

Walker Close Community Centre
22nd June 2021 7:45 pm
Photo Shoot: Mount Macedon Fungi Hunt

Another outing that was hindered somewhat in 2020 due to COVID restrictions, we're bringing it back so we can explore the macro world with the gorgeous array of fungi available to us at Mount Macedon.

Days Picnic Ground
27th June 2021 9:00 am

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