Geelong and Dog Rocks Outing

Dog Rocks © Leo Loque

After nearly seven months without seeing anyone in person due to COVID-19 restrictions, 18 Club Members met in Geelong outside the Geelong Library and Heritage Centre, what an amazing building! With a couple of our upcoming competitions in mind, we wandered around the area taking "Window" and "Architecture" shots.  

We then headed down to the Cunningham Pier area where there was a lot going on; from fishing, the Geelong Gift (an athletics competition), a motorbike meet-up, and lots of people milling about; with it being such a beautiful day there was plenty upon which we could train our cameras.

It was good to finally see each other face to face in person, rather than on zoom, even meeting three fairly new Members, for some of us, for the first time. 

After having some dinner, we ventured off to Dog Rocks for the sunset which again, didn't disappoint. I think I can talk for all the Members who attended, it was a great day.

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Judging: Judging: Monochrome & Open

Judging of our first competition of the year: Monochrome & Open

Supper night, bring along a plate to share

Entries due for competition 2: "Curves" & Open

Walker Close Community Centre
28th March 2023 7:30 pm
Workshop: Image Evaluation

Members are encouraged to submit and bring along images for a group project in Image Evaluation.  In groups we will discuss the images presented and "evaluate" them providing constructing feedback. 

The aim of these evenings is to encourage reflection on our own images and to stimulate conversation about our work beyond "that looks nice" expanding on how the image makes us feel, what the maker might do to add to the image's appeal and better their and our own work.

Walker Close Community Centre
11th April 2023 7:30 pm

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