Lighting 101

Lighting 101 © SLR Lounge

Most have probably already heard of SLR Lounge, they offer a great range of tutorials and editorial for photography.

I recently came across two of their videos from the Lighting 101 course that I think would be extremely valuable to our members, and may be an enticement to take a look at their full course.

These are simple set-ups that will cost you a lot less than getting fancy studio lighting. You can get reflectors pretty cheaply on AliExpress or Ebay. Search for "Collapsable Reflector". Just note that they can both have long lead times on delivery, sometimes up to 60-days so order early! If you're working alone, you may also want to grab a few reflector holders too.

Using One On-Camera Flash to Create Multiple Light Sources. [watch on YouTube]

Using Overhead Bounce to Create Dramatic Lighting [Watch on YouTube]

Check out the full Lighting 101 course on the SLR Lounge Website. At the time of writing, this course was just US$99 for 9 hours of instruction across 60 videos. Seems like a bargain.

This is not a paid endorsement.


Presentation: Going to the Prom with Tom Putt

Club favourite Tom Putt is taking us to the Prom. Tom will be coming along via Zoom to give us a presentation about Wilson's Promontory... one of the places we were scheduled to visit prior all of this lockdown thing happening. Instead we shall visit vicariously in what I am sure will be a fascinating presentation.

Entries due for our sixth competition: Open & Set Subject: People Portraits

Via Zoom
22nd September 2020 7:30 pm
Presentation: Drone & Landscape Photography with Andrew Thomas

Andrew visited our club many years ago and shared his personal project of photographing his native Ballarat. Over the years his work has changed to incorporate drone aerial photography. Come along and see his beautiful work.

13th October 2020 7:30 pm

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