Malmsbury Day Trip 2022

Malmsbury Day Trip 2022 © Michael Costa

On a wet and dreary Melbourne morning 21 Club members headed north for a photo shoot in and around the Cascades at Metcalfe and Malmsbury.  I am sure all of us were hoping we would leave the wet and miserable weather behind and luckily all we had to contend with for the whole shoot was a bit of intermittent drizzle.  We even had a few short bursts of sun and blue sky.

It was interesting to see the padding that some of us had on board to keep us warm and dry.  I had it on good authority that some had as much as six layers of clothing to ward off the cold. 

There were some great photo opportunities at the Cascades with ND and polarising filters in abundance. The wet rocks made for hazardous conditions with all of us mindful of the pitfalls of slipping and falling. After leaving the Cascades the next stop, which was only a short drive away, was the Holden Museum in Metcalfe.  Many old rusting holdens adorned the outside of the museum which again offered us some interesting shots before we headed to Malmsbury for lunch. 

After lunch we moved to the Viaduct at Malmsbury where we spent the rest of the afternoon photographing the structure and waiting expectantly to capture the reflections of the viaduct with a train crossing in the water below.  Members also spent time wandering through and taking photos in the Malmsbury Botanical Gardens prior to heading home. 

It was a great day and although the weather was not the best, no one seemed to care as we all had lots of fun and laughs and enjoyed each other’s company.

As part of the events of the day we also held a mini-competition for those in attendance to capture "textures". The two winners selected by our judge were:

Shallow Water FlowA-Grade Winner: Shallow Water Flow - Leo Loque
Yellow TreesB-Grade Winner: Yellow Trees - Michael Costa

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Meeting: Club End of Year Dinner - End of Year Awards

We will meet, eat, and drink, celebrating the year that was 2023 and present our end of year awards

As with previous years this will be held at our club rooms with catering provided. 

Cost is $18 per person for food with members encouraged to bring along drink and nibbles to share.

Payment to attend must be paid by November 30, 2023 via our bank account details found on our Membership page, include your competition number and surname in the reference field.

Walker Close Community Centre
12th December 2023 7:30 pm
Meeting: Welcome Back BBQ and Matt Cutting

Join us for an earlier start time of 6:30pm for our traditional BBQ welcome back. We'll follow this with a matt cutting workshop and a presentation on Camera Basics.

Entries due for competition 1: Monochrome and Open

Walker Close Community Centre
13th February 2024 6:30 pm

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