Our Backyard: Seaholme to Altona

Seaholme Jetty Storm © Neil Anderson

Continuing our journey around the page we started last year, 18 members head out to venture from Seaholme to Altona to capture our backyard.

The morning began with some light rain kicking off at 9am with our senior members meeting up with members who wanted a bit of a follow up from the Camera Basics meeting at the start of the year. All keen to take full control of their camera settings.

From 10am more folks showed up to capture images from Seaholme to Altona. 

Several members opted to challenge themselves and explore settings including aperture to control their depth of field, shutter speed causing motion blur, and ISO to reveal various amounts of noise/grain in their result images.

Members Brian, Leo, and Matt hung around after lunch and took advantage of the clearer sky and the sun's arrival capturing some wonderful images of the local bird life, making good use of their longer lenses (such as Matt's 100-400mm) to isolate the birds in flight.

Big thanks to the more experienced members who came out early to assist those wanting to learn more about manual shooting, and to all the members who came out for a great day in our own backyard.

You can view images from our members in the gallery below.

Click on any image above to see a larger view.


Photo Shoot: Melbourne Zoo

It has been a while since we've visited the Zoo as a club. Come along and hang out with the animals and people of Melbourne Zoo.

A visit to the zoo offers members the opportunity to try out different camera techniques including using your depth of field to go beyond the enclosure barriers. Macro on the plants, their flowers, and butterflies in the humid butterfly house. Using a telephoto lens to find the animals hiding in their zoo homes.

Melbourne Zoo
14th April 2024 10:00 am
Judging: Judging: Still Life and Open

Join us for the judging of our second competition Still Life and Open in A and B grades

Walker Close Community Centre
23rd April 2024 7:30 pm

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