Phillip Island Weekend Photoshoot Programme

The Nobbies & Blowhole

© Phil Ostroff

Our trip to Phillip Island is coming up this weekend. Think good thoughts for the weather. We're looking forward to a great weekend.

Please note the following programme is subject to change.


For those arriving on Friday night, contact James Troi. Please note Karen Malbon, Brian Young and David Male will not be arriving until Saturday.

Weather permitting we might try and make use of the knowledge Alex Cherney shared regarding astrophotography and capture some stars on Friday night.


2pm - Meet our local guide Robert McKay at 2pm at the Rhyll Jetty, Beach Rd, Rhyll. There is ample parking in the area and we can arrange car pooling.

Specific photography locations will be determined closer to the day to take into account weather conditions but are likely to include Rhyll, Cowes and Churchill Island.

7.30pm – Dinner at ISOLA DI CAPRI , 2 Thompson Avenue, Cowes. Corner of the Esplanade and the main street.


TBA - Meeting time and place will be determined on Saturday and is likely to include access to bird hides.

11am – BBQ at Erehwon Point, by the beach at the end of the Esplanade on the corner of Steele Street, Cowes.


Friday night activities contact:
James Troi 0414 449 674

Saturday and Sunday activities contacts:
Karen Malbon 0401 520 122
Brian Young 0423 098 009


Family and non-members are welcome to come along and join in the social aspects of the weekend.

As well as your camera, bring your manual, tripod and flash (if you have one), warm clothing and wind/shower proof jacket.

Organising accommodation is the responsibility of individual members.


Visitor Centre

Maps and brochure downloads

Sunrise and Sunset times

Friday Sunset 6:08pm
Saturday Sunrise 6.18am Sunset 6.09pm
Sunday Sunrise 6.16pm Sunset 6.10pm

Tide times


Download the list of photo location suggestions from The Phillip Island Camera Club.

Feature image "The Nobbies & Blowhole" by Phil Ostroff used under Creative Commons License


Meeting: Light Painting

It was a much-loved event in 2019 so we're giving it another go. Join us at Altona beach at the end of Millers Road and to the right.

This is a workshop exploring the use of light for painting on our cameras. We'll be looking at using manual mode during this workshop.

Bring a tripod, a wide lens: between 20 and 120mm, a headlamp or torch, a remote trigger, or know your timer settings. It will be quite dark and it will be cold, so ensure you rug up for the evening. 

Also dark clothing is best as you might help out with the lighting and the darker your clothing the less you are likely to appear in the shot. There will be a few stations on the night so we can spread out.

Altona Beach
25th May 2021 7:45 pm
VAPS Event: VAPS Convention 2021

The VAPS Convention will be held in Wangaratta this year. Visit the VAPS website for more details (when they become available).

Wangaratta, Victoria
4th June 2021 12:00 pm

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