Portland Weekend Away

Portland Weekend Away © David Male

As everyone knows, what happens on the trip, stays on the trip.

So, for those who were unable to come along, this is the official version. And for those who were there, you know what really happened...

Friday afternoon saw beautiful weather and our happy snappers rolled up in dribs and drabs. Most of the group stayed at the Portland Bay Lodge. The rooms proved to be warm with good facilities - especially the spacious communal lounge - and far enough away from the neighbours not to annoy others. The only complaint heard was that some of the girls toilets had glad wrap over the pan! Don't know how it got there? Otherwise great value for money!

Graeme seemed to be a bit confused as apparently he arrived on Wednesday. Really! And Cathy was looking very relaxed as she was in the unusual position of being chauffeured around - just because she had her arm in plaster. By the end of the weekend she seemed to be really enjoying it.

As the sun set, we all rushed off to Fawthrop Lagoon for our first official 1000 snaps. Not overly spectacular, but a nice afterglow and reflection was seen, and we had to start somewhere!Then off to the pub (can't remember it's name) for a convivial and boisterous bit of wining and dining (or beer and pretzels). Not much camera conversation but existing friendships reinforced and new friendships made. A great start to the weekend, though I felt sorry for other patrons who may have hoped for a quiet meal out at the pub. During this time we found out how quickly Cas could take a pic and post it to Facebook.

Portland Weekend
Dinner in Portland © Cas Bukor

By the time we departed, there was little time left for astro shots or shots of whirly sparkly things. Despite this, John and Kratis still managed to stay up til well after midnight  - another few thousand shots taken.

Saturday am and a dawn shoot for the masochists - mixed reports, another 1000 shots taken. This was followed by an itinerary that was not for the faint hearted:

  • Portland harbour,
  • petrified forest,
  • Bridgewater Lakes,
  • Tarragal Limestone Caves,
  • Cape Nelson Lighthouse,
  • gannet colony at Point Danger,
  • plus the aluminium smelter and wind turbines. All followed by a much needed coffee at the waterfront! 

Lots of 1000's of more pics taken - there has got to be a few good ones amongst them somewhere. It was good to see (as always) lots of people helping each other.

Saturday night at pub 2 was even more hyper than the previous night. This may have somehow been linked to the pre-dinner wines in the common room back at the camp. A highlight at dinner was the celebration of Sue's (83rd) birthday, a great milestone. By this time we had long since grown to our full numbers of 44 (I think) and the noise level reflected this.

Portland Weekend
Happy Birthday Sue! © Cas Bukor

Well, the weather forecast for Sunday was 95% likelihood of rain and - guess what - it rained! And rained! Breakfast at the camp kitchen for the early birds was bacon and eggs but sadly, for the others, they received muesli bars!

We were scheduled for another full morning of activities but these were cancelled - sorry Raelene, the fish traps will have to wait!

This was substituted with a hyperactive group photo taken patiently by Catherine. It was an hour of nonsense and frivolity, and an example of a situation where the picture cannot truly capture the environment.

By late morning most of us were deserting the camp ready for a wet drive home, in anticipation of sorting through our images looking for the special ones to show off to our colleagues at the next WCC meeting.

Special thanks to Nola and all her helpers who made the weekend such a success.

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Walker Close Community Centre
23rd August 2022 7:30 pm
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2nd September 2022 11:00 am

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