We are the Most Successful Club

Quite the boast right? Well founded though, we even have a trophy and certificate to prove it.

Earlier this week a delegation from the club visited Camberwell Camera Club to attend the judging of "Camberwell Camera Club Interclub Competition". 

We walked away with the trophy for the third year in a row.

A testament to the great work from our members who supplied images for the competition. We'd like to thank all members who put forward images for selection, there was such a great range to choose from this year. Here's to number four in 2018!

Camberwell Camera Club Interclub Trophy Camberwell Camera Club Interclub Trophy

Title Maker Points
Lilian Brett Ferguson 15
Flying Cathy Buchanan 15
The Florist Brett Ferguson 14
Banzai Pipeline Neil Anderson 14
Diamond Beach Neil Anderson 13
Autumn Patterns Trudy Purchas 13
Puddle Colin Lofts 12
Withered Jennifer Empey 12
Projected Image
Title Maker Points
Overcast and Sundried Land Jennifer Empey 14
Wanaka Whispers Kathryn Hocking 14
Freefall Arvin Coloma 13
Smoke Cathy Buchanan 13
Future Highway Karin Volz 13
Can U Guess Raelene Marshall 13
Separation Jennifer Empey 12
Leading Lines Leading Lights Raelene Marshall 12
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Presentation: Pano Presentation & Practical

We'll start with a presentation about capturing the perfect panorama and then go through some practical examples right there in the room.

Walker Close Community Centre
23rd August 2022 7:30 pm
Weekend Away: Benalla Weekend Away

Itinerary TBC

2nd September 2022 11:00 am

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