Meeting Notes: May 27

Robert Groom and Digital Asset Management, Port Campbell Accommodation, King Tides Project, Camberwell Entries and details of the Paper Bag Challenge to be found in this meeting notes update.

Digital Asset Management

Thanks goes out to Robert Groom who came along to our club and shared his knowledge and skill with regard to Digital Asset Management. It was a great presentation and a conversation we'll continue on June 24, 2014 with our Lightroom and Photoshop workshop.

Main points I took away are:

  • Maintain a files system for your files that includes a place for your original files and for your modified files.
  • Lightroom has become the de facto standard for this task.
  • Use the 3,2,1 rule for backups:
    • Three copies
    • Two different media
    • One off-site

Robert will be sending through his main points and his references soon, we'll be sure to update the website when these come to hand, until then you can check out the books he recommended at

Witness King Tide Event

Hobsons Bay Council is looking for a photographic recording of Witness High Tides on 15 June. The tidal shift happens from 10:15 and the high tide at 17:10 (minutes before sunset).

We're after a couple of people to set up cameras in the Life Savers tower at Altona Beach with an intervalometer recording an image every minute. At the end of the process these images will be joined into a video file to playback as a time lapse.

We're also after a few people to photograph the events on the day. There will be activities throughout the day.

You'll be volunteering your time, but gaining valuable skills, the club will receive payment for the day to be put towards future events and resources.

If you can help out please contact Neil Anderson

Port Campbell Accommodation

As per the meeting last night, if you're having trouble booking accommodation for the weekend away, please contact Neil ( ) who will attempt to assist. It seems the location is not happy about folks only booking 1 night when they thought more people would be staying for at least two nights.

There's a few rooms left so check out the Port Campbell Weekend article for details.

Paper Bag Challenge

Last night we handed out the item for our Paper Bag Challenge. The secret element is a balloon. Your image must have a balloon in it, how you use it, is up to you.

Entries are due July 8 (the night of our AGM).

Camberwell Entries and Presentation Night

The committee met last week to select the photos for our entries. We had quite a few to choose from and there were raised voices and head slapping as we argued for our favourites. You can see the 14 selected photos below. There are seven prints, seven digital entries.

The presentation night is Monday, June 23rd at St John’s Anglican Church, Rutherford Room, 552 Burke Rd. Camberwell starting at 7.30pm.

Click on any image above to see a larger view.


Workshop: Photography Disciplines Stations

On this night we'll set up some workstations to explore fundamentals of photography such as Depth of Field, Macro, Portraits and others.

Entries due: "Creative" and Open

Walker Close Community Centre
22nd June 2021 7:45 pm
Photo Shoot: Mount Macedon Fungi Hunt

Another outing that was hindered somewhat in 2020 due to COVID restrictions, we're bringing it back so we can explore the macro world with the gorgeous array of fungi available to us at Mount Macedon.

Days Picnic Ground
27th June 2021 9:00 am

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