Winners - Lighting Like An Old Master and Open

Digital: Novice

1st - Untitled - Suzanne Hamley   

Digital: Open 

1st - Pose - Brett Ferguson   

2nd - Lovely Bloody Trees - Charlie Green  

3rd - Altona Fireworks - Kris Montgomery   

HC - Hippo - Neil Anderson   

HC - Black Shouldered Kite - Ronald Clarke 

HC - Can I Get The Puck Off Him - Tania Chalmers 

HC - Lying in the Meadow - Jennifer Empey   

Digital: Light Like An Old Master 

1st - Still Life With Worm - Cathy Buchanan 

2nd - Master Of His Trade - Kris Montgomery 

3rd - Canola a la Van Gogh - Nola Kelsey 

HC - Homage to Rembrandt - Neil Anderson 

HC - Mandarins in the Moonlight - Brett Ferguson 

Print: Novice 

1st - Jane With The Pearl Earring - Francoise Muller Robbie 

Print: Open 

1st - Contemplation - Brett Ferguson 

2nd - New Holland Honeyeater - Ronald Clarke 

3rd - George the Gecko - Phil Taylor 

Print: Light Like An Old Master 

1st - The Daydreamers - Brett Ferguson 

2nd - Canola a la Rothko - Cathy Buchanan 

3rd - The Eye - Neil Anderson


Keith Hart





The committee and members of the Williamstown Camera Club mourn the passing of our long respected and dedicated member Keith Hart. Our sincere condolences to his family and friends.

For more information, please contact the WCC Committee.


Winners: Motion-Movement and Open

Digital: Novice

1st - Look, Snow - Charlie Green 

Digital: Open 

1st - Serenading The Sun - Brett Ferguson 

2nd - Augie - Vlad Ast

3rd - Point Plomer Pelicans - Tess Maddocks 

HC - Keep Your Eye On The Ball - Kris Montgomery 

HC - Muscle - David McIntyre 

Digital: Motion / Movement 

1st - Melbourne Star - Chris Brown

2nd - Smudge - Brett Ferguson 

3rd - Movement In The Trees - Karen Rog 

Print: Open 

1st - Sorrow - Brett Ferguson 

2nd - Striped Cymbidium Orchid - Tony Buttigieg 

3rd - Little Buloke Sunset - Neil Anderson 

Print: Motion / Movement 

1st - Shoot - Phil Taylor 

2nd - Forest Drive - Nola Kelsey 

3rd - Walking On Water - Karl Zeller


Winners: Negative Space and Open

Another night of great entries and creativity.

Digital: Open

1st - Guardian - David McIntyre

2nd - Run For Your Life - Cathy Buchanan

3rd - The Baker - Brett Ferguson

HC - Round Them Up - Melissa Massari

HC - Benny - James Troi

HC - Gold and Blue - Vlad Ast

Print: Open

1st - This Old House - Cathy Buchanan

2nd - The Girl - David McIntyre

3rd - Windy - Arvin Coloma

HC - Elliot and Fuzzy - James Troi

HC - Over This One, Where’s The Next One? - Ray Tucker

Digital: Negative Space

1st - The Look - Brett Ferguson

2nd - What Now? - Cathy Buchanan

3rd - Home Alone - David Male

HC - Brandon - James Troi

HC - Lake - Arvin Coloma

HC - The Burgers Are Better At - David McIntyre

Print: Negative Space

1st - Love At The Top - Brett Ferguson

2nd - Positives Spaces - Arvin Coloma

3rd - Pacific Gull - Neil Anderson

Digital: Novice

1st - Sandy Coral - Tess Maddocks

Print: Novice

1st - Skates On Ice - Tania Chalmers


Williamstown Camera Club Celebrates 50 years

To celebrate the Williamstown Camera Club’s 50th birthday, the club will present an exhibition of their members’ photographs during the month of July at the Gallery at the Williamstown Library. Members will be exhibiting their favourite photographs and each image will be accompanied with a portrait of the photographer and a description of their chosen image.

The exhibition is free and runs from 1-31 July 2015. All members of the community are welcome to view the exhibition and learn more about the clubs activities.

The exhibition will be launched on Saturday, 4th July by Hobsons Bay Mayor Colleen Gates and original club founder, Trevor Young. This exhibition has been made possible by a grant from Hobsons Bay City Council.

The club has nearly one hundred active members drawn from suburbs spanning Williamstown, Wyndhamvale, Keilor East and Pascoe Vale.

The Williamstown Camera Club (WCC) was formed in 1965 by Trevor Young. Trevor now resides in Maryborough Victoria and at the ripe old age of eighty-nine remains a life member of the Williamstown Camera Club. He has passed on his love of photography to his children who are also keen photographers.

According to Trevor, the camera club originally evolved amongst the workers at the Naval Dockyard Williamstown but folded due to a lack of interest. Trevor then put an ad in the Williamstown Advertiser calling on interested people to join up.  From this point onwards the club has gone from strength to strength to its current membership. Trevor will be returning to Williamstown to be the guest of honour at the club’s official launch of the exhibition.

With almost 100 active members of varying ages and background, WCC is a friendly and welcoming club. Meetings are held twice a month and there is a range of activities conducted throughout the year. These include weekends away, various hands-on workshops and topic specific competitions. Throughout the history of the club members have been encouraged to enter photographic competitions with guest judges often commenting on the ‘welcoming and friendly’ atmosphere of the club.

The club has many long term members, including Neil Anderson, Margaret Turner, and Joan and Ron Bates, who have been in the club for three or four decades. Joan was given a life membership to recognise all the work she has done for the club.

Over the years the club has moved locations a number of times from its inaugural meeting held at the Welsh Presbyterian Church Hall, Ferguson Street, Williamstown with 36 members attending. The venue changed to the Methodist Church Hall, Pascoe Street and later re-located to a newly renovated building in Electra Street, Williamstown. Later again, it moved to Joan Kirner House in Thompson Street Williamstown. But with the rising popularity of digital photography membership has grown further over the past 4 years and the club has moved to bigger rooms at Walker Close, Altona North.

The Williamstown Camera Club is an affiliate of the Victorian Association of Photographic Societies (VAPS).  The club meets twice a month at Walker Close Community Centre, 180 Millers Road, Altona North.  The Williamstown Camera Club welcomes all members of the public who have a passion for photography.  Come along to one of the meetings as a guest. You might just be a member for the next 50 years!


Trevor Young



Trevor Young with one of his photographs. (Photo by James Troi)


Winners: Portrait of a Club Member and Open

Another night of great entries and creativity.

Digital: Open

1st - The Sentinel - Brett Ferguson

2nd - Kakadu Cruising - Sue Searls

3rd - Prairie Chipmunk - Neil Anderson

HC - Industrial Man - Kris Montgomery

Print: Open

1st - Morning Persons - Arvin Coloma

2nd - The Soprano - Sheet Shower - Brett Ferguson

3rd - Phalaenopsis Orchid - Nola Kelsey

HC - Autumn Fog - Neil Anderson

Digital: Portrait of a Club Member

1st - Clare - Phil Taylor

2nd - I’m Looking At You - Darren Malthouse

3rd - The First Call For Help - Brett Ferguson

HC - Cathy - Trudy Purchas

Print: Portrait of a Club Member

1st - Tony In Mono - Arvin Coloma

2nd - Sue - Trudy Purchas

3rd - Cas - Phil Taylor

HC - Arvin Plus One - Brett Ferguson

Digital: Novice

1st - Autumn Highlights - Karen Rog


It can be frustrating when you're a Mac user and a Lightroom user and everytime you plug your camera, your phone or card reader in Apple's Photos application (or iPhoto) appears automatically to help you take care of your images. But you don't want it to. Here's how to stop that and/or change it to Adobe Lightroom being your default photos application in a few simple steps.

Read More


Black & White - Monochrome - March 2015

Another night of great entries and creativity.

Digital: Open

1st - Where's Willow? - Dee Palma

2nd - He's Watching You - David McIntyre

3rd - Spidie - Kratis Rigas

HC - Summer Skies - Debbie Raimondo

HC - Another Visitor - Ronald Clarke

Print: Open

1st - Blue Wonder - Arvin Coloma

2nd - A Study Of A Bee - Andrea Sparks

3rd - Cracked - Brett Ferguson

HC - Ladybird Apartments - Cathy Buchanan

HC - Spring Cocoon - Dee Palma

HC - Silver Gull - Ronald Clarke

Digital: Monochrome

1st - Tranquility on Yangtze - Brian Young

2nd - Siblings - James Troi

3rd - Ginnie - Brett Ferguson

HC - Moody Skies - Cas Bukor

HC - Horse Power - Ronald Clarke

Print: Monochrome

1st - Graham - Cathy Buchanan

2nd - Cradle of Love - Dee Palma

3rd - Conversation - Wendy Forsey

HC - Larly - Neil Anderson

HC - Preparing To Land - Ronald Clarke

HC - The Woodworker - Brett Ferguson

Digital: Novice

1st - Ocean Grove - Carolyn Morwood

Print: Novice

1st - The Night Shift - Alan Fry


Big Bay Swim 2015

Our replacement shoot for the weekend is the Big Bay Swim Festival in Williamstown on Sunday, 22nd February.  Meet at the Rotunda, Commonwealth Reserve, Nelson Place, Williamstown at 10:00am.

For more information, click here.


Friday fun to start the new year

It's thistle time. Check out the local empty blocks and paddocks for loads of thistles full of pollen and bees. Kororoit Creek Road has a stack of them near Grieve Parade. Guaranteed bees, bees and more bees. If you're like me and want to pinch a few to take home, use secatuers and some really thick gloves as they have some mean barbs on them.

What about a new start for the new year? Why not a 365 project? A photo a day for the rest of the year.




These long evenings are great for backlit photos.


More new years' good ideas





Presentation: Still Life – Robert Moyses

Robert Moyses, one of our members, has been hitting it out of the park when it comes to his Still Life work and he has graciously agreed to share his methodology with us in a presentation.

Walker Close Community Centre
12th July 2022 7:30 pm
Photo Shoot: Waterfalls – Malmsbury/Trentham

Actual locations and times to be confirmed

23rd July 2022 10:00 am

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