Hopetoun Weekend 2016

After a long drive, stopping to photograph some amazing painted silos and eating beautiful country town pie, we finally arrives at the Mallee Bush Retreat. This place is a hidden gem and after talking to a local (Brett) it gets very busy in the warmer months.

Keys were given out and people moved off to their rooms (bunkhouses), once people were settled in, but before they settled down, it was off to the local pub for some good food and company. 

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Winners - Candid and Open

Novice Digital

  • 1st Place - Kathleen Moyses "Reflection"

Novice Print 

  • 1st Place - Kathleen Moyses "Walking the dog"

Open Print 

  • 1st Place - Neil Anderson "Last Glow"
  • 2nd Place - Ron Clarke "Black Shouldered Kite"
  • 3rd Place - Karl Zeller "Over the Edge"
  • Highly Commended - Cathy Buchanan "Got An App For That" 
  • Highly Commended - Arvin Coloma "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" 
  • Highly Commended - Brett Ferguson "The Boat" 
  • Highly Commended - Akm Imran "No Dogs"

Set Print - Candid 

  • 1st Place - Cathy Buchanan "Pygmy Hippo No Show" 
  • 2nd Place - Brett Ferguson "Spray" 
  • 3rd Place - Phil Taylor "Weekend Catch Up" 
  • Highly Commended - Sue Searls  "And Let Me Tell You" 
  • Highly Commended - Chris Brown "Cuban Wedding"

Open Digital 

  • 1st Place - Phil Taylor "Gotta Get The Puck" 
  • 2nd Place - Akm Imran "Untitled" 
  • 3rd Place - Karen Rog "Feeding Frenzy" 
  • Highly Commended - Neil Anderson  "Night Light" 
  • Highly Commended - James Troi "Capers in Salt" 
  • Highly Commended - Arvin Coloma "Grace Under Pressure" 
  • Highly Commended - Brett Ferguson "Cocoa" 
  • Highly Commended - Tess Maddocks "Mansfield Morning" 
  • Highly Commended - Chris Brown " Where's the Cupcake"

Set Digital - Candid 

  • 1st Place - Brett Ferguson "Pure Joy" 
  • 2nd Place - Tania Chalmers "Zebra Talk" 
  • 3rd Place - Karl Zeller "Cheese" 
  • Highly Commended - Ray Tucker "Where to Now" 
  • Highly Commended - Karen Rog "Model Material" 
  • Highly Commended - Brian Young "Very Interesting" 
  • Highly Commended - Alan Coram "Disappointment"

Winners - Series and Open

Novice: Digital

1st Place - My Happy Running - Grace Sobania

Print: Series  

1st Place - The Misadventures of Sandy - Arvin Coloma 

2nd Place - The Library (1) The Interruption (2) The Daydream (3) Lost In The Moment - Brett Ferguson  

3rd Place - Convenient - Cathy Buchanan

HC - Glacier Beach - Neil Anderson

Print: Open  

1st Place - Topping - Brett Ferguson  

2nd Place - Trees In Dance - Jennifer Empey  

3rd Place - That Guy - Arvin Coloma  

HC - Three Colours - Cathy Buchanan 

Digital: Series  

1st Place - Dark Disney (Alice Lost (1), Dark Alice (2), Desperation (3)) - Brett Ferguson  

2nd Place - iPhonery - Cathy Buchanan  

3rd Place - Autumn (A, B, C) - Karen Rog  

HC - Homeless (A, B, C, D, E, F) - Karl Zeller  

HC - At The End Of The Shift (1 to 11) - Akm Imran 

Digital: Open  

1st Place - She's A Star - Arvin Coloma 

2nd Place - Memememememe - Cathy Buchanan 

3rd Place - Bendy Bench - Chris Brown  

HC - The Search - Brett Ferguson


Bendigo Weekend Away, April 1-3 2016

Join Williamstown Camera Club and you learn things you didn’t realise you needed to know.

Simple things like LR, PS, light trails, bokeh, newborn, landscape and panoramic photography, how to make frames for competition entries, the world of multiple lenses and how to photograph the stars.

How did my life exist before without all this information?!

The recent trip to Bendigo was yet another opportunity to practice newly learnt skills and to learn heaps more. WCC members are very friendly, generous with their time and are happy to share their expertise. Brilliant for a newbie like me!

Kick off for me began when the weekend officially commenced at 1pm at Bendigo Cathedral on Saturday 2nd April. What an awesome space with incredible light. I got lost in there for hours. A highlight was being able to trek upstairs to check out the organ and pipes with a bonus recital by the organist thrown in. Another highlight, which I sadly missed out on, was the appearance of a drone. Belonging to a fellow clubbie, it was a great source of interest as it snapped aerial shots of the Cathedral and surrounds and of dazzled members gazing up at it.

The program for the rest of Saturday included a visit to:

  • Bendigo Pottery – the historical display in the Interpretive Museum provided many photographic opportunities and the Antiques and Collectables Centre gave the purse a bit of a workout. This was also a chance to have a cuppa, a bite and to share shots.
  • Botanic Gardens – Macro lens heaven. A simply gorgeous setting in the late afternoon sun.
  • Rosalind Park in the CBD precinct with the Golden Dragon Museum and its gardens nearby.
  • The Big Marilyn – The oversized sculpture of Marilyn Monroe in downtown Bendigo, was a traffic stopper and provided lots of fun and antics with Club members.
  • Moonlight Market – Live music and art, craft stalls and speciality food trucks provided an interesting diversion before sunset.
  • Poppet Head Lookout Tower for sunset. A great opportunity to give the legs a workout climbing to the top. The view was spectacular but the sunset was a fizzer so we all quickly retreated to the National hotel for a delicious dinner.

Sunday sunrise at a park with a wonderful view of Bendigo’s skyline, was attended by some hardy souls before breakfast at Beechworth Bakery. Then it was off to the Great Stupa of Universal Compassion where we attended a talk and video presentation by one of the Nuns. We viewed the Holy Relics before being given a tour of the new temple (undergoing a lengthy construction) and gardens. The prayer wheels and statues of Buddha were amazing.

Then it was time to head back to Melbourne with various small town stops along the way. Historic Maldon was a favourite for lunch and was a photographic gold mine!

The whole weekend was a wonderful opportunity to get to know people and have lots of fun.

Oh and I also found out that I needed to know how to take a starburst photo, how to magnify the display, how to shoot a sunrise, Snapseed and a little about drones…need I go on?


Winners - Panorama and Open

Novice: Digital

1st Place - Mungo - Julie Neyland

Print: Panorama 

1st Place - Spinning Steel Wool - Karl Zeller

2nd Place - Last Light - Neil Anderson 

3rd Place - Wycheproof Silos - Cathy Buchanan

Print: Open 

1st Place - Follow Me Into The Darkness - Brett Ferguson 

2nd Place - Masked Lapwing - Ron Clarke 

3rd Place - Taking Flight - Phil Taylor 

HC - Hush - Arvin Coloma 

HC - Vervet Monkeys - Neil Anderson 

HC - Shelter - David Male 

HC - Just Passing - Cathy Buchanan

Digital: Panorama 

1st Place - Lake Lonsdale - Cathy Buchanan 

2nd Place - Melbourne Morning - James Troi 

3rd Place - Serenity - Jennifer Empey 

HC - Charlesworth Bay Storm - Neil Anderson 

HC - St Kilda Pier - Phil Taylor

HC - Do You Even Lift? - David McIntyre

Digital: Open 

1st Place - Hosier Lane Spinning Sparkler - Karl Zeller

2nd Place - Reflections - Kris Montgomery

3rd Place - In a Spin - David Male 

HC - Ruffled - Cathy Buchanan


Winners - Monochrome and Open

Digital: Novice

1st Place - Jessie by Jane Njuhi Hughes   

Print: Novice

1st Place - Mildura Airport by Francoise Muller Robbie

Digital: Open  

1st Place - The Lighthouse Keepers Residence by David Male

2nd Place - Escape Hole by Cathy Buchanan 

2nd Place - Fast Food by Chris Brown 

3rd Place - Fairy Martin by Ronald Clarke 

HC - Just Chillin by Trudy Purchas 

HC - Hali Sunset by Neil Anderson 

HC - Balancing Act by Kris Montgomery 

HC - Charlie Peacock by David Wayman    

Digital: Monochrome / Black and White  

1st Place - Dog Beach Puddle by David Wayman

2nd Place - Old Blacksmith Shop by Karl Zeller 

3rd Place - Perspective on Architecture by Suzanne Hamley 

HC - Reaching Skyward by Anne Young 

HC - Shoeshine by Cathy Buchanan 

HC - I Love Bathtime by Sue Searls 

HC - Waiting for Brian by Arvin Coloma  

Print: Open  

1st Place - Chasing the Time by Phil Taylor

2nd Place - The Butcher by James Troi 

3rd Place - Adam by David McIntyre 

HC - Jayde Portrait by Tony Buttigieg 

HC - New Holland Honeyeater by Ronald Clarke 

HC - Water Tickle by Nola Kelsey 

HC - I'm an Alien by Robert Moyses 

HC - The Rose by Chris Brown 

Print: Monochrome / Black and White  

1st Place - Ice Textures by Sue Searls

2nd Place - Brooklyn Perspective by Brett Ferguson

3rd Place - Up and Away by Ronald Clarke 

HC - Eastbound by Chris Brown 

HC - Masaai Lady by Neil Anderson 

HC - Tallship by Karl Zeller 

HC - Aireys Inlet Lighthouse by Tony Buttigieg


Canon Collective Bus Tour

On Saturday, 7th November 2015, 33 members of the Williamstown Camera Club boarded a bus along with Canon Collective Ambassadors, Erin Kostopoulos and Jay Collier.  The destinations chosen for the event were Eynesbury Homestead, Eynesbury and Serendip Sanctuary at Lara, which provided club members a chance to practice a wide range of photography techniques throughout the day.  

Eynesbury Homestead is in a beautiful rural setting surrounded by attractive gardens, historic buildings, ornamental lake and a Gray Box forest.  Club members spent their morning taking a variety of images including macro, architecture, and landscape shots.  Everyone caught up at the homestead cafe for lunch and to compare notes on their morning before departing for Serendip Sanctuary.  The Sanctuary provided an opportunity to walk amongst local bird and wildlife in a peaceful setting.  A number of bird hides are provided for photographers to observe the abundant bird life in the wetlands.

Although club members brought their own equipment along, Canon Collective also provided a wide range of equipment to use on the day.  Attendees were able to try cameras such as the EOS 5DsR and EOS 1Dx and a range lenses suitable for the day, from the new EF 11-24mm f4 and EF 35mm f1.4 to a wide selection of the great whites.  The participants really appreciated being able to get hands on experience with some great equipment as well as having some very knowledgeable people on hand willing to provide tips and advice.  

All attendees enjoyed a great day on the road and had fun participating in the last photographic activity of the day - the all important group photo! This has been a feature of club outings for many years and provides us with some wonderful memories.

The Williamstown Camera Club wishes to thank Canon Australia and their Canon Collective Ambassadors, Erin and Jay for making this great event possible.


Winners - Lighting Like An Old Master and Open

Digital: Novice

1st - Untitled - Suzanne Hamley   

Digital: Open 

1st - Pose - Brett Ferguson   

2nd - Lovely Bloody Trees - Charlie Green  

3rd - Altona Fireworks - Kris Montgomery   

HC - Hippo - Neil Anderson   

HC - Black Shouldered Kite - Ronald Clarke 

HC - Can I Get The Puck Off Him - Tania Chalmers 

HC - Lying in the Meadow - Jennifer Empey   

Digital: Light Like An Old Master 

1st - Still Life With Worm - Cathy Buchanan 

2nd - Master Of His Trade - Kris Montgomery 

3rd - Canola a la Van Gogh - Nola Kelsey 

HC - Homage to Rembrandt - Neil Anderson 

HC - Mandarins in the Moonlight - Brett Ferguson 

Print: Novice 

1st - Jane With The Pearl Earring - Francoise Muller Robbie 

Print: Open 

1st - Contemplation - Brett Ferguson 

2nd - New Holland Honeyeater - Ronald Clarke 

3rd - George the Gecko - Phil Taylor 

Print: Light Like An Old Master 

1st - The Daydreamers - Brett Ferguson 

2nd - Canola a la Rothko - Cathy Buchanan 

3rd - The Eye - Neil Anderson


Keith Hart





The committee and members of the Williamstown Camera Club mourn the passing of our long respected and dedicated member Keith Hart. Our sincere condolences to his family and friends.

For more information, please contact the WCC Committee.


Winners: Motion-Movement and Open

Digital: Novice

1st - Look, Snow - Charlie Green 

Digital: Open 

1st - Serenading The Sun - Brett Ferguson 

2nd - Augie - Vlad Ast

3rd - Point Plomer Pelicans - Tess Maddocks 

HC - Keep Your Eye On The Ball - Kris Montgomery 

HC - Muscle - David McIntyre 

Digital: Motion / Movement 

1st - Melbourne Star - Chris Brown

2nd - Smudge - Brett Ferguson 

3rd - Movement In The Trees - Karen Rog 

Print: Open 

1st - Sorrow - Brett Ferguson 

2nd - Striped Cymbidium Orchid - Tony Buttigieg 

3rd - Little Buloke Sunset - Neil Anderson 

Print: Motion / Movement 

1st - Shoot - Phil Taylor 

2nd - Forest Drive - Nola Kelsey 

3rd - Walking On Water - Karl Zeller



Presentation: Creative Travel with Glynn Lavender

Glynn from Creative Photo Workshops will be presenting.

Entries due for competition 6: Flash and Blur

Brooklyn Community Hall
24th September 2019 7:45 pm
Workshop: Lightroom and Photoshop - Artistic Post Production

We'll look at using Lightroom and Photoshop to enhance our creativity with regard to our post production workflows.

Brooklyn Community Hall
8th October 2019 7:45 pm

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