Astrophotography Presentation by Alex Cherney

Wow... I couldn't think of another first word to write. Right from the opening slide of Alex Cherney's astrophotography presentation I was in awe. You can see the opening image in this article.

It's pretty amazing to know Alex has only been indulging his interest in Astronomy since 2007 and now describes himself as an amateur astronomer, all the while making some extraordinary astrophotography images of the night sky.

The photo above was taken on the Great Ocean Road at Loch Ard Gorge and amazingly the only artificial light in the image is way off to the right, the faint orange glow of the lights from Warrnambool, the rest of the image is lit with starlight.

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Knox Interclub Competition

On Wednesday 25th July, Karen, Ray and David attended the annual Knox Monochrome Interclub Competition at Boronia. Williamstown Camera Club was one of the 7 invited Clubs to participate. The competition was divided into 4 parts – digital and print, novice and open. Each Club was permitted a maximum of 5 entries per category ie a total of 20 entries per Club. We were well represented by some lovely images from a wide range of makers. Jim Weatherill was the judge.

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Eye-Fi Card Review


p>The Eye-Fi SD card is a self contained Wi-Fi product that allows you to wirelessly connect your camera to your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone to download photos for editing and/or uploading to photo sharing sites.

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VAPS Newsbrief July 2012

Covered in July's VAPS Newsbrief:

  • VAPS Annual General Meeting 2012.
  • Australian Native Plant Photographic Competition.
  • "Life Through the Lens" exhibition featuring the work of members of the Essendon Camera Club 13 July - 26 August 2012.
  • "Life in Your Hands: Art from Solastalgia" at the Horsham Regional Art Gallery 1 June - 29 July 2012.
  • Warragul Camera Club's 40th National Photographic Exhibition and Anniversary Dinner 13 - 15 July 2012.
  • 8th Pakenham National Photographic Exhibition 2012 Calls for entries.
  • Guide Dog Tales.

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Reverse Lens Macro & Extension Tubes

During last night's meeting, in addition to showing us a beautiful visual presentation, our guest, Sheryle Griffiths, introduced us to Reverse-Lens Macro Photography and Extension Tubes; we were enthralled. It was an excellent precursor to our upcoming macro workshop in August.

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Brighton Beach Bathing Box Photoshoot

We came …


p>3.30pm, ready for a late afternoon and dusk photoshoot. Well planned – ready to see the colourful bathing boxes on the east side of the bay, bathed in low golden light coming in from the west. Strong front lighting. Perfect. 15 committed photographers, all rugged up and ready to go!

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VAPS Newsbrief May 2012

Have you booked for the VAPS 2012 Convention at Ballarat? Bookings have been extended, but must end by May 11, 2012. Attached PDF contains the required registration forms and more information.

Also covered in May's VAPS Newsbrief:

  • Farewell to John Anthony Harris. 1930 - 2012.
  • End of an era for Leica.
  • Skipton Progress Association 7th Annual Photography Show.
  • Calling all enthusiasts of Audio Visuals in Victoria.

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Meeting: Light Painting

It was a much-loved event in 2019 so we're giving it another go. Join us at Altona beach at the end of Millers Road and to the right.

This is a workshop exploring the use of light for painting on our cameras. We'll be looking at using manual mode during this workshop.

Bring a tripod, a wide lens: between 20 and 120mm, a headlamp or torch, a remote trigger, or know your timer settings. It will be quite dark and it will be cold, so ensure you rug up for the evening. 

Also dark clothing is best as you might help out with the lighting and the darker your clothing the less you are likely to appear in the shot. There will be a few stations on the night so we can spread out.

Altona Beach
25th May 2021 7:45 pm
VAPS Event: VAPS Convention 2021

The VAPS Convention will be held in Wangaratta this year. Visit the VAPS website for more details (when they become available).

Wangaratta, Victoria
4th June 2021 12:00 pm

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